Jazz and Race: Subversive Practicies of Louis Armstrong

Breaking racial barriers between performers and audience in jazz was part of more considerable social changes that the American society faced in the 1930s. The growing popularity of this genre turned radio stations and club scenes into the places for mass gatherings where the conventional norms could be intact. One of the brightest figures of […]

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather from most of the reviews I have read is a movie which is considerably one of the best musicals ever produced in Hollywood. With the rich dance routines used to add much value to each of the scenes, most reviewers have always treated it as entertaining and informing especially in the area of […]

Movie Poster Evaluation

The poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was effective in reaching the young audience who were enthused by fictional characters. The poster is for the movie Avengers Age of Ultron that Marvel released on May 1, 2015 (The Internet Movie Database [IMDb], 2015). The poster features the main characters of the film: Captain America, […]

Palo Alto by Robert Motherwell

Robert Motherwell is an abstract expressionist artist and a painter. His paintings, collages, as well as prints feature simple, bold color, shape contrasts, as well as a balance of bold and restrained gestural brushstrokes. Motherwell’s artwork reflects a dialogue between art and prints, as well as contemporary art with autobiographical content and events that are […]

Reaction Paper: Theater Report

Events and plays are meant to raise people’s spirits. They break the monotony of classroom and workplace environment. To extreme extroverts like me, performances are a platform for meeting new people and learn their different lifestyles and cultures. One can also borrow a leaf from the same in dressing, foods or hobbies. However, the main […]

A Doll’s House

Doll’s house vision has regularly struck me as an overly simple play. To some way, it is a serious reductive play. It removes much of the complexity from the play and even its power and mystery. The play does not appear as an emancipation of women or even a social comedy revealing the desire to […]

Water by the Spoonful

Director What themes are present in “Water by the Spoonful”? How do you plan to highlight those themes? The basic idea of ​​the play is to show how people try to cope with their past. Each character has a traumatic experience, and to overcome personal demons is the main tasks for the, but they also […]

The Colored Museum

Play George c. Wolfe wrote the play Colored Museum as early as 1986. The colored museum was premiered at the cross road theatre in New Jersey, and within a period of six months, the movie had been featured in New York’s public theatre.  The respective actors later performed it at the Royal Court in London. […]

Classical Reception of Ancient Greek Mythology

One of the characteristics of modern global culture is incorporation of ancient Greek and Roman culture in the media. For example, ancient myths are constantly re-emerging in modern films. Visual culture is always adapting classical iconography to entertain the viewers. On the other hand, literary works, such as poems, have many responses to classical literature […]

Captain America and Batman as National Symbols

Introduction On the brink of the destruction, the U.S. needed the united factor, a symbol that could show people the right model of the behavior to induce them to bring the great nation back at the global stage. This idea was realized with the help of superhero characters in the books of the comic genre. […]


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