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Female Superheroes in Cartoons and Comics

It is extremely difficult to think of the modern world being without entertainment of any kind. People have developed the cult of music, literature and visual art. One of the greatest entertainment pieces are drawn comic books, which gave rise to an entire industry. Although most of the comic books represent both female and male […]

I Love Lucy

Situational comedy or sitcom appeared in America in the early twenties of the last century. Initially, it was a setting for the radio, but then it gradually moved to television screens. Later, in the 70s, with a few exceptions, the genre represented only television comedies. Precisely from a radio show, one of the most famous […]

Narrative Interview

Mexico is the country with one of the largest economies in the world. Nevertheless, it deals with multiple problems which force people to leave the country and migrate abroad. Though some Mexican immigrants move to Spain, Canada, and Guatemala, a majority moves to the USA. People hope to start new lives, free of economic struggles, […]

Architecture theory, Media and the question of Audience

Michael Hay starts by examining the two strategies of architecture namely; resistance and negation. While negation seeks to integrate both new and old architectural designs, resistance looks at the static and conservative mentality. These are familiar strategies well known by many while there is another affirmation which is not very common. The approach of affirmation […]

Music and Culture

The Paradise Garage refers to a discotheque common in modern LGBT history, nightclub cultures, dance, and pop music. Michael Brody founded the Paradise Garage as a sole proprietor. It is worth noting that the building was located at 84 King Street, and it operated between 1976 and 1987. DJ Larry Levan had established his base […]

Youth Fitness

The essential part of personal harmonious development is a healthy life, which includes a healthy eating routine, the absence of bad habits and going in for sports. Everyone knows that sport means health. It improves our physical form and adds more energy. No matter what kind of sports one goes in for, whether it is […]

The Influence of Mass Media

First of all, before considering how the mass media influences our lives and how it covers what is happening in the world, it is necessary to start with the functions of mass media. The entertainment function of the mass media is commonly used by the public to amuse itself in a routine environment. Education of […]

Professionals of the Sport World: College Football

Sport is a passion of my life, particularly, football and everything related to it. As a coach, I aspire to teach my team as much as possible, trying to impart wisdom to the new generation and to show the real essence and purpose of football. The best way to demonstrate that is to provide successful […]

Theater Report

Legacy of Light Last Friday two of my friends and I went to see a theatre play called Legacy of Light that was shown in the Arena Stage 1 theatre. The ticket to ArenaStage1 was 16 dollars for an individual, and so the total amount we spent on the tickets was 48 dollars. The play […]

Social Dance

Each subculture develops its own style of dancing that is mostly seen performed by fans at gigs of the corresponding music bands. For punk, it is the pogo, the slam dance, and other forms of group activities that will be researched below. Punk rock that resisted commercial influence was intended as a rebellious type of […]