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Dicey: Supremacy and Sovereignty of United Kingdom Parliament

The Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK) serves as the supreme and sovereign law making body. In this case, sovereignty incorporates three essential aspects. First, the parliament serves as the only supreme maker and can enact any law on all subject matters (Dicey 2005). Secondly, there is no parliament that might be bound by a […]

Philosophy Law

By means of exploring different examples of law cases, the following essay seeks to show the difference between the two fault theories. The first one is being Holmes theory, which affirms that when every man acts, he assumes all the risks caused by his actions, whether the results of his actions are planned or they […]

Campaign Finances Reform in California, 2000-2016

The California campaign finance laws are a set of complicated rules and regulations, governing the spending of money during campaigns. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an independent regulatory agency that regulates and enforces election laws. The agency has the responsibility of enforcing limits and prohibiting campaign contribution, overseeing the funding of presidential election by […]

Constitutional Policing

It is imperative for police officers to adhere to the law when controlling crime. Legal restrictions might negatively affect police efficiency but positively affect social legitimacy. This paper reviews three cases (Read Weeks v. United States, Silverthorne Lumber Company, Inc., Et Al. v. United States, and Mapp v. Ohio) including the main issue, precedent or […]

Crime Prevention

Abstract Crime is an insidious problem that afflicts most cities. This vice is challenging because perpetrators often live and blend with the community.  Therefore, for a city fight crime, law enforcement agencies must collaborate with the local population to cultivate a culture of trust. A rapport between citizens and enforcement agencies must give rise to […]


The first presidential debate took place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The discussion took place under the auspices of the commission that developed the format of the debate and rules of conduct. The debate lasted 90 minutes and caused a huge wave of emotions as it reflected the main critical issues that will affect […]

Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

It is a general human ethical principle not todiscriminate individuals based on ethnic, religious and racial aspects since it is morally wrong and considered a violation of the principle of equality. The principle of equality urges that people should be treated equally but not based on race or any other form of difference. In the […]

Plea Bargaining in the Criminal Justice System

Plea bargaining is overly common in the United States legal system, accounting for some roughly 90% of the criminal cases in the country. It is a prominent feature in the criminal justice system because the country is characterized by an adversarial system of justice as opposed to an inquisitorial one. In either criminal or civil […]

Wisconsin Right-to-Work Law

Before the right-to-work law, employers and labor organizations could make deals to ensure that all employees join a single labor union. Consequently, companies could deduct union membership dues from the salaries of their employees. Several states, such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas among others, have adopted a similar law with an aim to weaken unions. […]

Constitutional Issues, the Scope and Character of the U.S. Government

The government is responsible for legal matters of the nation. Particularly, it should ensure that every citizen enjoys equal protection under statutory laws. This fact applies to most countries of the world including the United States. This article examines the political and constitutional implications of the US government towards ensuring that all residents have equal […]