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Plea Bargaining in the Criminal Justice System

Plea bargaining is overly common in the United States legal system, accounting for some roughly 90% of the criminal cases in the country. It is a prominent feature in the criminal justice system because the country is characterized by an adversarial system of justice as opposed to an inquisitorial one. In either criminal or civil […]

Wisconsin Right-to-Work Law

Before the right-to-work law, employers and labor organizations could make deals to ensure that all employees join a single labor union. Consequently, companies could deduct union membership dues from the salaries of their employees. Several states, such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas among others, have adopted a similar law with an aim to weaken unions. […]

Effects of White Collar Crimes on Society

White-collar crimes are illegal non-violent activities that involve deceit, manipulation, and breach of trust among others. These crimes are committed by people of high status, high- ranking officials and government agents. White-collar crime is a term that has been applied to a wide variety of non-violent crimes that are often committed in offices and boardrooms […]

Law Cases

In the case of Morristown Associates vs. GrantOil Company, there was involved an underground tank (UST), which was installed in a building and was causing some leakage. The plaintiff who owned the property brought up the case against the oil company in 2006. He stated that between the years 1988 to 2003, the oil company […]

Active, Voluntary Euthanasia

Most countries over the world have witnessed several constitutional amendments with the aim of ensuring the constitution is in line with the current demands of humanity. For instance, the changing times call for the elimination of awkward provisions and laws which are against the rights and privileges of citizens. On the same note, several nations […]

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a situation where a person condemned of a crime is sentenced to death. It does not give the victim a chance to live and reform in the future. The death penalty has been for a long time in many countries ranging from America, Europe, and Asia to Africa. However, capital punishment is […]

Police Discretion

In the modern world, when the legal freedom of subjects of legal activity significantly expands, it increases the role of its resources, which belong to the subjective side of its characteristics, i.e., projecting its subjective principles. One of the crucial resources is the legal activities of discretionary powers of legal entities that express freedom to […]

Constitutional Issues, the Scope and Character of the U.S. Government

The government is responsible for legal matters of the nation. Particularly, it should ensure that every citizen enjoys equal protection under statutory laws. This fact applies to most countries of the world including the United States. This article examines the political and constitutional implications of the US government towards ensuring that all residents have equal […]

Ethical Issue of Stop and Frisk Policies

Law enforcement agencies and the police are the forces to protect life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens, foreign citizens, and stateless persons. These forces are also the instrument to discourage crime, public safety, and property. Performing the official duties, the police should focus on the needs of society and the state. This, in turn, […]

Case Study: Contract

A contract exists as an agreement between two parties, offeror and offeree, which is legally binding. For a contract to be considered valid, some elements have to be present. These elements include offer and acceptance, an intention between the parties to form a binding agreement; the parties must have the legal capacity to enter into […]