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George c. Wolfe wrote the play Colored Museum as early as 1986. The colored museum was premiered at the cross road theatre in New Jersey, and within a period of six months, the movie had been featured in New York’s public theatre.  The respective actors later performed it at the Royal Court in London.

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The play will mainly involve a character that will be depicting the various challenges that the blacks faced in their early days in America. It will depict the challenges that these individuals are facing, making their past almost similar to their present. The divide between whites and blacks is to be demonstrated in the movie.

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The play, the colored museum is based on the concept of a hard life that the blacks among other immigrants and slaves in United States faced. There was a high level of discrimination and their future always looked brisk. The concept upon which the colored museum is based is thus a simple one, yet it was very effective. The play takes its audience through experiences that resemble those of the museum. Each represents different ideological, historical as well as social facet in the development of the African American identity. The experience is first portrayed in a metaphorical ship. It is commended by an air hostess who is pushy. The hostess speaks to passengers in a very authoritative manner, significantly hindering their freedom. From this, the play morphs into set of musical numbers as well as vignettes. This result to the comments on everything including politics, as well as sexuality; bringing together various strands on the narrative is one of the characters by the name Junie. The soldier seems to present the beginning of such historical narrative which were used to enslave the black people. He plays a significant role in drawing parallels between the past and the present. Tshepiso navigates her performance in such of blackness identity.


The play will be viewed from a lowered floor by the audience. Actors will be based on the stage that will be slightly raised. This will improve the viewership of the movie. It will significantly boost the overall play performance while still giving the audience a good view of the play.

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The stage is set in a manner that resembles a gallery that is white walled. The myths of colored Americans, including the Negroes is presented. The wall is partitioned and has doors as well as windows that allow the actors to retrieve the key props. These doors and windows enable the actors to exit one exhibit quickly to another. The play will be executed on various staging approaches. Stage blocking is one of the main approaches to staging a play. The blocking will play an important role in depicting whatever is started as a reality. It presents the choreography of movement of all actors in a play. The stage movements will be well balanced; furniture on each side of the stage will be employed in avoiding crowding among the actors. In the play, actors will be designated specific doors through which to enter. This will have an essential purpose in trying to avoid any confusion in the play (Wood, & Grant, 1999).


The presentation of the play will be done within one and a half hours. This will ensure that the audience has a maximum concentration on the play. Each of the actors will be apportioned time as per the extent to which the part he or she is playing is extended. People will just continue once their time commences. This will essential role in making sure that time is utilized well during the play (Weimann, 2000).


The play shall be shown on stage and in front of an expansive hall. At the same time, the play will be executed in a prestigious as well as well crafted hall to boost the aesthetic value of the play as well as boost its credibility. The actors will be located within the proximity of the stage to facilitate the necessary motion. This will boost the efficacy of the play in attaining the desired goals


The scene would mainly be in the hall with temporary partition to allow the actors to enter easily and leave the stage. Miss Patt would portray the discrimination that the blacks have faced over the years in America. During the photo session, the perfect black couples are to be presented in a well-decorated background and should be in a position to portray the modernization of the Africans in the 21st century. In the plot, the soldier with a secret, as referred to in the play will focus on showing the plight of Negroes in America and other countries of the world. This will play an important role in presenting the satire on these problems. The comedy part of the play will equally be emphasized. In the play, the actors on the man who is confronted by his early childhood is to be paired with a look alike younger person. This will enhance the image of the movie particularly in regard to the play presentation. At the same time, Lala is to be presented as having much nostalgia in the song the amazing grace. This will create a notion of the problems that these people experienced during the period where the blacks experienced high level of discrimination (Ball, 1983).

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The lighting will be mainly colored with play pink. This will improve the stage’s aesthetic value just like it will affect the play itself. In the play, lighting should enhance the visibility of the audience on the play. Lighting will mainly be concentrated on the stage. The other parts of the theatre will not be lit to ensure that there is adequate focus on the lighting on the stage. It will equally enhance the clarity of the stage upon which the play will be done.


In the play, the costume designer will need to design costumes that reflect the artistic nature of the play. Costume design will be one of the most personal aspects of the play. Costume designer will present clothes for actors that will reflect the search for identity among the blacks in the west in the past. The clothes will be tailored in a manner that reflects the roles that characters are playing in the movie. In the play, characters representing the bad life that the blacks were living in the past will be dressed in slightly tattered multicolor clothes. Costumes need to move with the actors during the play. The jewels should thus match the movement of the characters in the play.