A PowerPoint presentation is a unique academic task that requires not only excellent writing and research skills but also a basic knowledge of design. By combining writing and design skills, the writer will be able to develop the research topic from different angles and impress the audience. Such assignments are often accompanied by oral presentations or discussions. As such, incorporating the audio and visual media will significantly help the writer convey their messages. PowerPoint presentations, or posters, are usually assigned when one needs to present some information to a group of people or persuade them in a particular idea.

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How to Create a Great PowerPoint Presentation? Effective Tips

Do you want to know what makes a good presentation? If yes, then look at the suggestions below:

  • Find the right template. Since there are multiple templates for PowerPoint projects for students, you need to select the one that fits your research project perfectly. To create one, you may use the slide master feature. When making your PowerPoint presentation template manually, we recommend you to consider the nature of your topic because it will influence the number of your slides and bullet points. You may play with the fonts, colors, and background to make your presentation visually attractive, but do not overburden it with the irrelevant figures. Remember that first and foremost, you need to be clear and concise;
  • Limit the number of words on the screen by simplifying your ideas. When it comes to writing presentation, the rule “the more – the better” does not work. Keep in mind that your presentation should include only essential ideas that contribute to developing your topic;
  • Use correct punctuation. You should not put too many words in all capital letters. Pay attention that having an empty space between the lines, you will increase the readability of your text;
  • Use different colors to separate your ideas. Besides, the color of your text should be different from the color of your background. Actually, the best way to use colors in your PowerPoint presentation is to use a light color for the text and dark color for the background;
  • Do not overuse the special effects. At first, they may seem interesting for your reader but we assure you that later they will just distract them from your text;
  • In order to reinforce your message, use the relevant images. Indeed, the researchers have proved that the person perceives information with the help of visual presentation easier than with the help of listening. However, pay attention that these images should be of high quality only. Using the images of low quality, you will only irritate your audience. When creating your PPT project on the laptop, make sure the images look good on the screen;
  • If you are allowed to choose the number of slides, we recommend you to limit this number because nobody wants to read the lengthy presentations. We assure you that constantly clicking on your slides, you will lose your audience. Ideally, you need to show one slide per minute.
  • Before presenting your project, you need to practice how to move forward and backward in your dissertation. Sometimes, the audience may have some questions about the previous slides, so you need to know how to navigate within your project without any problems;
  • If you have such an opportunity, find out how your presentation appears on the screen. Make sure the text is readable and all images open well. We assure you that paying enough attention to your presentation on the preparation stage, you will increase your chances of getting the high grade.
  • You should always have a plan B in case something goes wrong;
  • Before presenting your project in public, show it to someone who hasn`t seen it previously. If your friend agrees to look at your presentation, ask them to be maximally objective. Let them look into your project and tell you what should be fixed;
  • When presenting your project to the audience, you should not read from your slides. Indeed, it is very unprofessional to read from the slides. If you cannot memorize the key theses presented in your dissertation, we recommend you to create the sheet with the speaker notes that will help you be confident and clear;
  • Do not apologize for something in your presentation. If you are not sure whether to use some controversial or offensive ideas, it is always better not to use them.

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