The feature that distinguishes the excellent papers from the mediocre ones is the proofreading process that was either organized properly or overlooked by the student. This process includes a focused reading of the paper and careful revision of its grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, and other nuances. Moreover, besides ensuring the correctness of language, one should also ensure that the text is comprehensive, consecutive, and structured properly. When you proofread your essay, you need to feel whether the text flows smoothly and whether all its elements are connected logically. All in all, the proofreading process is more complex than it may seem, and it often requires much time and absolute focus.

Essay Proofreading: The Basics

It is fair to say that English proofreading consists not only of the checking phase but also the stage of preparation. If you want to ensure the outstanding quality of your paper and notice even the smallest aspects, use the proofreading steps listed below.

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  • Revise your paper

    Before proofreading, work with the paper’s content. First, you need to be certain about the work’s structure and general meaning, and only then deal with its form and way of presentation. Otherwise, you can end up fixing the format and grammar 5 or 6 times, as every time your text will be rearranged, you will need to start the proofreading again. Thus, take on the proofreading process only when you are sure that all the basic elements and significant information are in place.

  • Take a pause

    It is a bad idea to proofread your work right after you have finished it. Your brain will simply refuse to perceive the same text over and over again, and many small errors can be overlooked. Thus, it is much wiser to rest for a few days and then take on the editing. However, do not put the process off till the last minute, as proofreading will take a lot of time and cannot be done under the pressure of the approaching deadline.

  • List the aspects for checking

    Anyone dealing with professional proofreading will tell you that it can be hard to focus on various aspects simultaneously, if not to call it impossible. That is why, in order to make the final part of your work effectively, you need to outline the aspects of your paper that need to be checked.

    For example, your checklist could look like this:

    • Coherence
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
    • Format
    • Style
    • Word choice
  • Proofread the works cited list

    One of the common mistakes made in the proofreading process is that the Works Cited are never checked by the students. However, the wrong referencing can cost you many points and affect your final grade. Thus, you should pay special attention to editing the list of references and checking every punctuation sign in it. This may take much time, but in the end, you will be sure that your paper is absolutely flawless, which is the point of the whole proofreading process. offers a top-quality proofreading service for any student that would like to do his or her own writing. We have professional writers and editors on board that can make all the difference in whether or not a student receives a high grade for his or her efforts. We can assist any student with raising his or her grade point average by enabling him or her to make better grades on academic writing assignments. Our staff is thorough, well educated and devoted to offering the very best academic writing products and services. Here are a few helpful facts for the student that is considering hiring someone to proofread a document:

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