For almost all the students, completing assignments of a questions-answers type is not a cup of tea. No wonder, doing such a task requires a good level of preparation, as well as the perfect analytical and critical thinking skills. You may wonder why this assignment is so challenging, especially considering the fact that you have the right answer in front of your eyes. If you think that choosing the right answer is easy, it is not true. If you have already completed multiple-choice assignments, you have probably noticed that some answers look very similar. Therefore, selecting one of them nay turn into torture. Of course, a short questions-answers assignment may have different forms, however, no matter what kind of assignment you need to complete, keep in mind that your primary aim is to demonstrate the high level of knowledge obtained within the scope of the particular research subject. Some assignments have very limited time for completion, which makes this task one of the most challenging in the student’s academic curriculum.

When completing a questions-answers assignment, you need to demonstrate your best analysis, evaluation, compare and contrast, and other skills. Professors usually like short answer question tasks because it is an integral instrument for measuring the students` expertise. However, many students get the failing grades being unable to cope with their nerves and stress.

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Writing a questions-answers assignment does not have strict rules or regulations. Some tasks assume only true/false answers, whereas others require well-structured answers that may take up to one or even several pages. Long answers are usually written in the form of an essay that consists of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Indeed, everything depends on the professor’s preferences. Thus, we highly recommend you to study the instructor’s prompt thoroughly before you start working on your assignment. Below, you will find the tips that will help you understand how to write an SAQ and manage your short questions-answers assignment successfully.

  1. Take notes when preparing for your questions-answers assignment. Although you may be unaware of the questions in the test, you probably know the topic of your assignment, Therefore, we recommend you to study all the notes written at classes or write down new ones that will help you memorize the main concepts and theories. Indeed, the preparation stage is particularly important when it comes to answering the multiple-choice questions;
  2. Do not overburden your answer with irrelevant details. Most probably, the professor’s prompt will guide you on how many words should be in your answer. However, if it does not inform you about the word limit, you should be very careful when answering your questions. Including too many irrelevant and meaningless details, you may easily lose the focus and fail to provide a clear answer to the question. If you have some questions about your questions-answers assignment, we recommend you to address your professor and ask for assistance;
  3. Look at how many points the question is worth. Usually, a questions-answers assignment includes questions of different complexity levels. Therefore, all of them cost different marks. You won`t be surprised learning that the most challenging questions cost more points. Thus, if the grade for your assignment depends on the number of points, we recommend you to start answering those questions that cost more than others. When the answers to these questions are written, you may start answering the “cheaper” questions;
  4. Follow the classic structure. If you need to answer your question in the form of an essay, make sure it follows the classic structure. Although it should be clear, concise, and focused, do not forget to divide your essay into an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

We assure you that completing a questions-answers assignment will greatly improve your skills and knowledge base. However, if you do not have the time or mere desire to work on it, we highly recommend you to start looking for a trustworthy writing assistant, who could do your assignment instead of you. is just the best place to order help with your multiple-choice questions, online exam, or any other assignment. Just contact us with the words, “Write my short questions answers” and we will bring you the expected outcome!

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