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The poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was effective in reaching the young audience who were enthused by fictional characters. The poster is for the movie Avengers Age of Ultron that Marvel released on May 1, 2015 (The Internet Movie Database [IMDb], 2015). The poster features the main characters of the film: Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hulk, and the two twins from Zokovia. The poster also depicts the Ultron robots seemingly falling from the sky to attack the Avengers. The Avengers are all in a battle stance ready to fight. The poster also shows the destruction that resulted from the battle between the Avengers and the Ultron robots. The title of the movie is on the poster as well. The word “marvel” is in a smaller font than the rest of the title. Marvel is the studio which the movie belongs to. The word “avengers” is in the biggest font as it represents the entire franchise. The letter “A” is the logo of the superheroes on the poster. Finally, “Age of Ultron” is the name of the installment of the franchise, hence the smaller font.

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The poster is the depiction of the fictional characters, superheroes, in a battle with the Ultron robots. It has to attract the audience who are fascinated by the fact that their favorite fictional characters are involved in a battle with robots while the destruction is evident from the debris depicted on the poster (IMDb, 2015). The battle stance of the heroes on the poster shows the readiness to fight. The background features the Ultron robots who are the main adversaries in the movie. The Avengers are depicted bigger than the Ultron robots to show their superiority over machines. Marvel’s characters are the main attraction for the young audience who are enthused by superheroes.


To begin with, the mood of the poster is heroic. It is a transition from heroism to actual action. The evidence of the heroic mood is presented by the battle stances of the Avengers. The poses indicate bravery and preparedness to face the Ultron robots. The Avengers are also in their “uniforms.” All characters on the poster are in their special outfits or costumes that depict their various capabilities as superheroes. The costumes are an attraction to the audience as well.

The poster uses different colors for the images and fonts in order to attract the viewers. The use of colors of the costumes and the title maintain the heroic mood of the poster and attract the audience as they represent every favorite character, to which the targeted audience relates. The red color of the title of the movie is meant to capture targeted audience.

Furthermore, the Ultron robots seem to descend on the Avengers on the poster. The Ultron robots are the adversaries in the film and are attacking the main characters. The targeted audience wants to see their fictional characters in battle, and the movement helps achieve this. The debris seems to be scattering all over as a sign of the battle that is ensuing between the heroes and their enemies. The targeted audience should be attracted to see the battle involving their favorite characters.

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Another aspect used by the poster makers to reach the targeted audience is the font used in the poster that varies depending on the words. The font of the word “avengers” is large and red trying to attract those who already know of the franchise. The “A” is the logo of the fictional characters. The “age of Ultron” is the name of the installment. The font is also bold to show authority and power. 

The layout of the poster is also used to attract a specific audience. The poster features the heroes in the foreground of the poster while the villains (the Ultron robots) are in the background. The major fictional characters in The Avengers franchise, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, are in the first foreground and are bigger to attract the target audience. The debris is around the characters to show the apparent destruction that has come from the battle.

The creators of the poster also used the heroes’ facial expressions as a tool for prompting the targeted audience to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. The facial expressions of the characters depict the seriousness of the battle (IMDb, 2015). The expressed gravity of the situation allows the audience to relate to the characters as if the battle is real. The facial expressions promise that the movie is action packed and the battle between the heroes and the villains is spectacular to watch.

The poster uses symbolism to show that the film is action packed and the young audience should watch it. The known symbols attract the targeted audience on the spot. The costumes and weapons of the characters\ are symbolic of their superhero nature. The debris around the poster is symbolic of the ensuing battle. The fact that the main heroes are in the foreground shows their importance and superiority.

In essence, the poster has been used in various ways to attract the targeted audience. It is effective in capturing the attention of those who believe in the fictional characters. The use of the characters in their costumes is a suitable way to demonstrate their importance. The battle stance is a promise of the movie being full of action. However, the poster can improve its effectiveness by showing a clearer image of the villains. It would show the conflict between the characters in the film better.

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To conclude, the poster of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron can attract its target audience of young people enthused by fictional characters using various aspects, such as the layout, the colors, and the depiction of the characters in the poster. The costumes of the characters on the poster are a good way of showing the fictional characters in action. The effect is further enhanced by the battle stance of the heroes. As a result, the film is sure to attract the audience that will be eager to watch the promised action movie.