Students are sometimes afraid to buy custom essays or order essay writing services online. Moreover, most of them believe that a number of writing companies providing cheap custom essays are spam. Some of their concerns are partially justified because the web is full of websites that offer recycled or full of plagiarism essays to students. They state that they provide affordable essay writing services, however, they charge too much. Thus, when students order a custom essay or dissertation assistance, they are concerned whether they would get a top-quality essay or not. It goes without saying that not all essay writing services are spam, and there are some that provide custom and cheap custom essays, and is among them.

What Is an Essay?

What is an essay? Generally, it is a short piece of academic writing. Its purpose is to share some interesting idea or argue on a specific topic. Essay topics can be different, but an academic essay is always written in a professional, unbiased tone. Sometimes, an essay can incorporate personal reflections and observations. It can also be structured as a political manifesto or a call for action. Just follow the requirements of your professor, and you will win.

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What Is the Structure of an Essay?

Whatever essay topic you have to consider, you will need to be very thorough. Follow our how to write essay tips, and you will learn how to structure your essay properly. You will not have difficulty answering the question, “What is an essay?” Structure your essay appropriately to improve your grades.

  1. Begin with a thesis statement. When you have a topic of your essay in your hands, you must create a strong thesis statement. In your thesis statement, you will inform your reader of the chief idea of your paper. It is the central point. Focus on it. Everything you say will relate to your thesis statement. For example, if you are discussing the patterns of healthcare delivery in the U.S., it will be appropriate to say, “Numerous factors affect healthcare delivery in the U.S., providing a need for reforms and future improvements in this field.” Another good example of a relevant thesis statement is, “Through active involvement in scholarship and educational activities, a college student can improve his or her academic skills and build effective professional networking ties for fast career growth.”
  2. Switch to writing the body of the essay. How to structure an essay? You will need to expand upon the topic presented in the thesis statement. To better present the key essay idea, you will need to create an essay outline. In the introductory sentence, state the principal idea of your paper. Remember that each paragraph will have to start with a topic sentence. It will contain the most important idea of the paragraph. Then you will provide evidence to support the main idea. Do not forget to use as many examples as you can to defend your position. Include only the most relevant information pertaining to your topic and subject.
  3. How to write an essay introduction? Well, that is not difficult. You will write your introduction only after you have your thesis statement, and once you finish writing the body of your paper. Include attention getters to capture your readers’ attention. Start your essay with some life-changing information, some unbelievable facts, or an interesting story. Whatever you choose should challenge your readers’ beliefs and assumptions. However, do not forget that it must be linked to your thesis statement. What is an essay? It is about a good introduction and a well-structured body.
  4. How to write an essay conclusion? An essay conclusion is the last point of essay writing. It wraps up the argument. It is also a summary of the most important findings. Make sure that your conclusion is 5-7 sentences long.

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