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Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt

Societies need intellectually endowed leaders to progress. In order to transform societies, its leadership must exhibit wisdom, fair judgment, and enthusiasm for initiating and implementing the change. It should be noted that leadership does not work in a vacuum. Hence, a leader is a person who is strong enough to ensure that progressive change is […]

Six Watershed Events in the History of American Foreign Policy

It would be wise to start by mentioning that every great country kept aloof from the world politics at a certain point of their history. The period of the so-called splendid isolation in Great Britain and the indifference of the powerful Celestial Empire to international relations up to the late 19th century clearly demonstrate this […]

Effects of British Occupation of Egypt in 1882

Any historical event that has ever taken place is, by all means, a complex and ambiguous phenomenon for it is not possible to foresee its long-term effects. The point here is that there is no chance of knowing for sure what the long-term consequences of this or that event in history might be. Mainly, the […]

History-Women’s Suffrage

In the 1890s, the people who opposed women`s suffrage in the regions of Maine and New Brunswick had similar arguments. However, these groups expressed them differently and thus the outcomes were different too. In New Brunswick, the most vocal adversaries were male and were represented in the Legislative assembly. In Maine, a group of elite […]

Race Riots in the 1940s-2000s

In the history of the United States, 1945-1964 was a period of economic growth and prosperity. In political terms, it was the period of the Cold War confrontation between the great victorious powers after World War II, as well as the triumph of the Movement for civil rights for blacks, which put an end to […]

American History Essay

Slavery The slavery in the New World began as early as in 1619, when first slaves came to Northern America, on the territory of Virginia. Slaves mostly were used as a cheap labor force on plantations, where white servants refused to work due to hardship. Slavery was not an occasional event; its culture was formed […]

Battle at Little Round Top

The Battle of Gettysburg was a battle between the Confederates and Unionists, which took place on July 1-3 1863 in Adams County, Pennsylvania. It was the bloodiest battle during the Civil War in the United States, which was considered a turning point in the conflict. The battle for Little Round Top was the main event […]

Civil Rights Movement

It looks as though Afro-American revolts of the 1950s and 1960s had no grounds. The times of slavery were long gone and it seemed that former slaves ought to be satisfied with the reality. Formally, Afro-Americans were equal with whites, but it is always easier to proclaim laws than translate them into reality. Blacks had […]

A Review of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography

When someone hears the name Benjamin Franklin, what hits the mind is a multi-talented genius man of the 16th century. Being a successful scientist who came up with lots of inventions, a master of literature, a shrewd businessman, a renowned diplomat as well as a popular politician, his name bears a legacy of being the […]

Social Democracy in America

Today, historians still have a reason to argue Roosevelt’s tries to cope with a mission called the New Deal. However, they say American society was saved as a result of his reformist course that derived from the historical impasse. Various authors differently interpret the nature of Roosevelt’s measures. Liberal historians tend to refer to the […]