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Business Questions

Discussion Question Although the consumer electronics industry is highly competitive, it is evident that Apple, Inc. is a clear leader, both in the context of innovational rates and the company’s revenues. There are several key differences between Apple, Inc. and other companies from the technology industry. Firstly, Apple, Inc. determines the industry’s trends, rather than […]


Kellogg’s is a food producing organization whose foremost items are prepared to-eat grains, treats, toaster cakes, oat bars, natural snacks, solidified waffles, and other natural foods. These items are made in 18 nations and sold in more than 180 nations (Kellogg’s, 2016). The grain items sold under the Kellogg’s name and are chiefly distributed through […]

Business Research Methods

Chapter twenty-one of Cooper & Schindler (2013) text discusses the different methods of presenting data in business research. According to the authors, some of the methods of data presentation include tables, graphs, and charts. The choice of one approach over the other depends on the nature of the statistics that the researcher wants to present. […]

Management and Leadership Theories

The research in the field of management and leadership has enhanced the practical application of theories, paradigms and concepts. The difference between the two notions is still a controversial issue of management and leadership theories: most researchers agree that management and leadership should be differentiated (Kotter, 1990). Qualities needed for effective management are easier to […]

Toxic Leadership

Toxic leaders exist in all types of organizations. They display an antisocial work behavior such as disrespect, verbal and psychological abuse, bullying and abusive supervision. In extreme cases, the actions of toxic leaders show psychopathy. In the majority of the cases, such leaders leave the organizations or teams that they were leading as well as […]

Market Structures

Introduction There exist different types of market structures. A market structure can be described as the number of firms that produce identical and homogenous goods. There are some market structures within an economy such as oligopolies, monopolies, perfect competition and monopolistic competition. The following paper discusses market structures with an in-depth analysis of the various […]

Small Business Management

Secondary Research Analysis Research Statement A graduate job recruitment center can be established and excel in Doha, Qatar. The research is aimed at establishing the possibility of stating a job recruitment center in Doha. The research questions are: Are there possibilities of getting clients? Who could be the clients? Who are the competitors? The answers […]


The term entrepreneur is often used as a complete synonym for the one asbusinessman. It is a key figure that does business. An entrepreneur is a person engaged in an entrepreneurial activity. Entrepreneurs are people who establish new business with the desire to meet market demands for goods or services. This person attracts funds for […]

eBay SWOT Analysis

eBay Inc. is an ecommerce company that connects buyers and sellers, facilitates online payment and organizes shipping and communications services for the businesses and individuals online. This company is based in California and employs more than 15,000 people. It also has customers all over the world including China and Africa. eBay, as a world leading […]

McDonald’s Business Strategy

Abstract There has been an increasing demand for fast foods globally due to many factors, such as the rise of the middle class and their busy lifestyle that depends on fast foods. Though the United States of America still provides the biggest market for the fast foods, other regions are constantly increasing their consumption of […]