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Small Business Management

Secondary Research Analysis Research Statement A graduate job recruitment center can be established and excel in Doha, Qatar. The research is aimed at establishing the possibility of stating a job recruitment center in Doha. The research questions are: Are there possibilities of getting clients? Who could be the clients? Who are the competitors? The answers […]


The term entrepreneur is often used as a complete synonym for the one asbusinessman. It is a key figure that does business. An entrepreneur is a person engaged in an entrepreneurial activity. Entrepreneurs are people who establish new business with the desire to meet market demands for goods or services. This person attracts funds for […]

eBay SWOT Analysis

eBay Inc. is an ecommerce company that connects buyers and sellers, facilitates online payment and organizes shipping and communications services for the businesses and individuals online. This company is based in California and employs more than 15,000 people. It also has customers all over the world including China and Africa. eBay, as a world leading […]

McDonald’s Business Strategy

Abstract There has been an increasing demand for fast foods globally due to many factors, such as the rise of the middle class and their busy lifestyle that depends on fast foods. Though the United States of America still provides the biggest market for the fast foods, other regions are constantly increasing their consumption of […]

BUS 499: Social Performance of Organizations

Nature, Structure, and Types of Products: De Beers Diamond Company De Beers Diamond Company is an integrated cartel of firms that engage in the mining, selling, and manufacture of diamonds. The company is engaged in almost all active categories of industrial diamond mining that involves open-pit mining, underground excavation, intensive alluvial mining, coastal and deep-sea […]

Dell Inc. Internal and External Environments

This paper evaluates the different types of environments that accost the business operations and activities of Dell Inc. These types of environments are the external environment and the internal business environment. This paper further analyzes two business segments in which Dell Inc. exerts the highest influence as well as the second of the most significant […]

Business Organizations and Policy

Executive Summary Starbucks Company is one of the most significant firms that have a strong holding in the beverage industry in America. However, even with its tremendous success, there are still various challenges that it faces in its strategy implementation and internal organization that may hinder its growth in the future. Due to the threat […]

Weighted Competitive Strength Assessment

Wendy’s is one of the biggest American international fast-food restaurants. The company was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 and today it accounts for almost 7,000 locations all over the world. Wendy’s biggest competitors are McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. These companies were founded earlier and became pioneers in the fast-food industry. Nevertheless, Wendy’s grows […]

Ukraine in International Business

The experience accumulated in the international business and empirical studies has shown the importance of the cultural dimension. In this regard, there is a need to consider the most important approaches to the study of culture influencing developments in this area. National business culture significantly affects various aspects of the life of the organisation: the […]

ExxonMobil Corp: Business and Corporate Level Strategies

This paper evaluates the different business level and corporate level strategies employed by ExxonMobil Corporation in its daily international business activities and operations and those strategies which will guarantee the oil and gas corporation long term success in the global market. This paper also analyzes the competitive environment facing ExxonMobil Corporation in the oil and […]