According to the common discussion board definition, a discussion board post is an academic task that is similar to an essay, which is characterized by its online presentation. Actually, a discussion board is the online analog of the classroom, where all students analyze specific topics, discuss them, and respond to the comments of each other. As such, a discussion board post assignment is usually completed in the following way: every week, a professor suggests a particular topic and students should present a well-structured post that will analyze a particular angle of the topic. Later, when the posts are published, the students will be asked to apply their critical evaluation skills and provide responses to the posts of their classmates. Although it may seem pretty easy, we assure you that a discussion board post is a rather formal assignment that should be completed in accordance with high academic standards. For instance, when making some claim, you need to support it with sound evidence. Pay attention that writing your post too weak or awkward, you won`t get the desired grade. However, if you don`t know how to create a discussion board post, we will provide you with several tips and secrets that will significantly facilitate the writing process.

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How to Write a Discussion Board Post?

First and foremost, you need to treat your online discussion as any other academic assignment in a college or university. Keep in mind that a negative grade for your post will affect your overall performance. Before you start working on your post, you need to consider the following suggestions:

  • Read the topic or prompt thoroughly. To cope with the task on a high level, you need to make sure you understand it properly. If something is not clear, do not be afraid to ask your professor for clarifications. Make sure to clarify if you need to prepare only a discussion post or write the response to one of our classmates as well. Pay great attention to the deadline for both the post and the response to another student;
  • Follow your schedule. Keep the writing process organized, and you will avoid the emotional burnout having to complete your assignment in the last hour. As such, we highly recommend you to start working on your task right after receiving it;
  • Narrow down your topic to one or two perspectives you want to discuss. Usually, every academic topic has different angles and to make your post clear and detailed, you need to focus only on some of them.

Draft Your Discussion Board Post

  1. Before you start, take a minute to read the online posts of other people available on your college discussion boards. Using these examples for your inspiration, you will understand how a good discussion board post looks like.
  2. Brainstorm. If you start writing your post without brainstorming, many of your ideas will turn awkward or irrelevant. As such, it is recommended to make some notes that will help you understand what you are going to write in your post;
  3. We suggest you write your discussion post in MS Word instead of writing it directly on the student portal because it will help you avoid the risk of accidental submission;
  4. Use the headings and titles that will help your readers navigate through your ideas easily;
  5. Write a good introductory paragraph. Try to include the “hook” that will engage your readers making them follow your post. Also, in your introduction, you need to provide the background information if it is needed;
  6. Avoid inappropriate jokes. Do not forget that an online board is not the class where it is easier to explain what you were going to say;
  7. Consider your audience. Pay attention that your target audience consists of not only your classmates but also your professor, so you have to choose the right tone and voice.

How to Write a Response to the Discussion Board Post?

  • When responding to someone`s post, make sure to call this classmate by name. In such a way, you will demonstrate your respect to another person;
  • Do not try to dominate the conversation. Your essential purpose is to provide an objective opinion about the work of your classmate, not to beat them on the boxing ring;
  • Keep in mind that your response should be based mainly on the post of your classmate. Don`t go into detail too much;
  • If you are referring to a particular idea from the classmate`s work, do not hesitate to quote it;
  • Be respectful.

Why Buying an Online Discussion Board Post Is a Good Option?

Indeed, there are many reasons why students may need help with discussion board post. The most common ones are as follows:

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  • Someone feels that their writing skills are not strong enough to cover the topic properly;
  • Someone just does not want to work on this assignment.

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