The Study of Transnational Corporations Negative and Positive Effects

Economic growth and development is a major consideration in many economies, especially in developing countries. Various strategies have to be looked at in order to identify the most suitable option for a proper economic growth. With growing corporations and their need to expand, the necessity to involve Multinational Corporations to stimulate growth and development has […]

Economic and Political Relationship between China and the United States

No country in the world can survive without forming strong relationships with other partners on the planet due to the influence of globalization. The two of the world’s most influential powers of China and the United States have strong economic and political relationships, which have mutual benefits to either of the giants despite having some […]

Macroeconomics: Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most developed economies in the world and the most stable economic systems. The rate of economic growth of the country is traditionally more stable and moderate in comparison with the average European rate of economic growth. It is less dependent on the economic situation since the production of durable products […]

Monetary Policy in Japan

Executive summary The Japanese economy experienced the lackluster period, often dubbed the “lost decade,” between 1990 and 2000. During it, what had been a phase of economic boom in the years preceding 1990s turned into sustained deflation and massive governmental debts alongside the negative growth rate. The point of contention concerning the academic realm on […]

Regulatory System

The regulation of the financial system of the U.S. is conducted by a wide array of regulatory bodies, with each of them performing a specific function. In fact, the Federal Reserve Board determines the monetary policy, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures the deposits, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regulates the […]

Car Trade between Germany and the USA

America is one of the main trading partners of Germany in the automobile industry. Since the bilateral trade of cars increases with a rise in the economic and market size, positive economic growth of individual nations strongly affects the automobile business relationship between them. For instance, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer in exporting cars […]


The following paper aims to explore the different microeconomic concepts in the article entitled, ‘making Tesla.’ The specific concepts which have been identified in this article and hence shall be explored includes retail markup, barriers to entry, cost and benefit analysis, technology, and supply and demand. This paper has the aim of establishing whether Tesla’s […]

Effects of Marxism Worldwide

Marxism is a system of economic, social and political philosophy grounded on ideas that view social transformation regarding economic aspects. The core principle lies on the fact that the means of production is the economic base that determines political life. Marxism purposes at occupying a ground of equanimity between the rich and the poor by […]

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is one of the most developing markets in the world. In the period between 2000 and 2012, 52 million cars were sold globally, while during 2015, this number was more than 72 million. Due to the globalization and increasing competition, automobile sales continue to grow fast. The growth occurs because of the […]

Discussion on the New OPEC Deal to Oil and Gas Prices as well as Flight Cost

The article discusses the effects of the new OPEC deal on gas prices as well as the transportation sector tool.  Tuttle (2016) wrote the article on  September 29 this, retrieved on  October 20, 2016 from the website, and published by the Wall Street Journal. The article explores the impact of the OPEC deal on gas […]


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