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The History of Money

One of the important attributes of any society is economic relations and their component, money. At the dawn of the development of human race, people were satisfied with producing resources for personal consumption. However, it was impossible to avoid interaction between the small groups and tribes, and soon they started exchanging products for labor and […]

Donald Trump Economic Racism Effects

Donald Trump was recently elected the President of America; however, his election has been crowded with anxiety and disbelief. There have been numerous speculations regarding the future economic path that the United States, and, to some extent, the rest of the world will take when Trump officially assumes the office, given the platforms of his […]

Tourism in the Republic of Cyrus toward Sustainability

The Republic of Cyprus Tourism in the Republic of Cyprus, according to the World Tourism Organization’s overview, is the leading growth sector in the economy of Cyprus since 1980 and now constitutes the backbone of the Cyprus economy. The historic way passed by Cyprus left its mark in the form of a breathtaking combination of […]

Intermediate Economic Analysis

Price Discrimination or Differentiation Price discrimination is a mechanism for fixing different prices for similar goods and services by the same producer in a segmented market. Such price differentiation is only effective in markets where both the consumer and the producer or service provider have perfect knowledge about the market forces and conditions. This, therefore, […]

Unconventional Monetary Policies

During the financial crisis experienced recently, central banks all over the world assumed unconventional monetary measures to counter the crisis. In part, this was because several central governments lacked the ability to pursue the fiscal policy. The current essay looks at the unconventional monetary policies including their implementation through Quantitative Easing and the implications of […]

Joseph Schumpeter

Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) is one of the most prominent sociologists and economists of the last century. He invented the original theory of economic development and made a profound impact on modern sociology and economics. A significant contribution of his work is a dynamic development model, into which institutional and social factors are successfully “built”. According […]

Long-Term Investment Decisions

It is worth mentioning that long-term investment decisions should be based on analyzing external and internal factors that affect the company’s activity. In addition, government policy and its regulations may significantly influence the firm’s operations and investment policy. The long-term investment decisions are quite related to demand elasticity, the government’s actions, and the interests of […]

Technicolor Corporate Strategy

Associations are confronting numerous challenges in the 21st century. The globalized companies require strategic thinking and evolving suitable corporate strategies, which would help them enhance their business processes. A sustainable or reasonable advantage is possible when a firm executes a value-creating plan, which other companies cannot duplicate or find it too costly to initiate. The […]

Aspects of Supply Chain Management

To begin with, it is important to define a contract. In simple terms, a contract can be referred to as a binding lawful relationship obliging a seller to supply stores or facilities and a purchaser to reimburse for them. A contract involves different commitments that force the government to spend adopted funds. Therefore, a contract […]

Government Spending as a Means to Create Jobs

Achieving a high level of employment is one of the main objectives of macroeconomic policy. The economic system that creates additional jobs sets the task to increase the volume of social products and thus to a greater extent meet the material needs of the population. With the incomplete use of available manpower resources, the system […]