Frequently Asked Questions

How does your company work?

The working process is easy and straightforward for you. To make it short, you fill in the order form, pay for the order, and wait until your paper is ready on the deadline you specified. Yet, let’s break the whole process into stages:

  1. You fill in and submit the order form and complete your payment.
  2. If you are unsure what to indicate in the order form, hover over the “info” icon next to the field to see detailed recommendations on what information you need to provide. Once you are done with the order form and payment, you will be automatically redirected to your personal account page, where you will be able to monitor the progress of your work, provide additional materials, and communicate with administrators and the writer.
  3. We will assign the best essay writer available at the moment to work on your paper.

Our professional administrators will choose the most suitable writer with the most relevant experience to develop your essay. If your writer needs some specific literature or software to complete your project, please, mention this while placing the order.

I have chosen the wrong academic level (urgency, order type, number of pages, number of sources, etc.). Can I make some changes in my order form?

You can make changes in the form only before you submit it. If you have submitted the order form, you are not allowed to edit it. In case you need to amend anything, contact our support team and they will update your order with any additional information. Please note that the price for your order will be recalculated based on new parameters. In case of additional charges, you will be notified about that right away.

Can I add more pages to my order?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to place an additional order compensating the number of pages that should be written. To do it, you need to go to My Orders in your personal account, place an additional order and indicate which order it applies to. If you are having any difficulties with this process, contact our support agents for assistance.

When will the writer be assigned to my order?

We start looking for a suitable writer right after we receive payment for the order. Once we find an appropriate expert to work on your task, the order status will be changed to “Processing” and you will see the personal writer’s ID in your order details.

I would like to receive a draft for my paper. Can I order it at your service?

Yes, all our customers are provided with such an option. Pay attention that it requires additional payment. If you decide to purchase a draft, it will be available to you within 50% of the deadline timed out.

I would like to request a revision but my free-revision period has expired. What should I do in this situation?

Yes, all our customers are provided with such an option. Pay attention that it requires additional payment. If you decide to purchase a draft, it will be available to you within 50% of the deadline timed out.

I would like to request a revision but my free-revision period has expired. What should I do in this situation?

In case you would like to send a late revision request, you will need to place a new order at our service choosing a Revision type of service.

Can you assist me in my coding project?

Since our company is a writing service, we provide our customers with writing assistance only. If you need help with coding, programming, or application development projects, you may refer to the services that specialize in the mentioned field.

Will I receive notifications from your team?

Yes, our system will send an automatic email at any important stage of our cooperation. Besides, you may get notifications through message systems, calls, or SMS.

If I choose a supreme level of quality, should I pay for a preferred writer as well?

The supreme writing quality option is a guarantee that your order will be urgently assigned to one of our top 30 writers, who have sufficient expertise and background in your field. Besides, this writing quality option allows our customers to receive detailed plagiarism reports on their orders. In case you are willing to work with your preferred writer, you will need to choose our Preferred Writer’s option when placing your order. This way you will be able to choose the writer you are willing to work with. The managers of our Writing Department will inform your Preferred writer about your desire to cooperate with them and assign this writer. You can be confident that your paper will be written professionally and in consistent manner with your other tasks ordered from us.

I don’t want to let you know my phone number. Why am I supposed to do that?

Although it is not obligatory to provide us with your phone number, it will greatly facilitate our cooperation because it will enable us to reach you in case of any urgent clarifications needed.

How can I know that my paper is edited and proofread?

We provide our customers with VIP services, which guarantees them a few extra options. One of these options allows our customers to have their papers proofread by professional quality assurance managers. All you need to do to have extra editing is to choose the appropriate VIP service when placing the order and it will be added to the total price.

How can I know that the writer is working on my assignment?

You can do that either yourself or check your order status with one of our support managers. If you want to do it on your own, you need to go to your account and choose the necessary order. If there is “Processing” status in that order, it means the writer is already working on it. When the order is finished, the status will be changed to “Completed.” By choosing to ask our support team about order status, you can not only figure out whether a writer is assigned but also clarify many other details.

What are you responsible for?

As a customer-centered writing service, we take full responsibility for providing our customers with well-written and plagiarism-free papers within the allocated deadlines. Besides, our support managers are ready to address your needs 24 hours per day.

Are you able to help me with a challenging assignment?

Our team comprises writers that specialize across a wide range of academic disciplines. As such, no topic or assignment would be too difficult for our writers. No matter if you need a simple high-school essay or an undergraduate thesis paper, we will tackle your task professionally. Also, if you are unsure whether we can handle your task, you may ask our support team to double-check with the writing department if the task is manageable.

Where can I see my final paper?

To see your paper, log in to your profile on our website, go to My Orders – Completed Orders. Click the ID of the order and choose the file you want to download. If you experience any problems downloading your paper, reach out to our support agents and they will gladly forward it to you.

Can my writer purchase a book necessary for my assignment?

According to our policy, our customers are supposed to provide the materials necessary for completing their orders on their own.

I am trying to submit my order form but the system is loading. What am I doing wrong?

You need to refresh the page. Also, check the size of the files you are attaching since our system has restrictions, which do not allow our customers to attach big files. Try to submit the order form without these files. Then, all the necessary readings and files to our support team, and we will forward them to the writer working on your order.

I have mistakenly set the wrong deadline. Can I cut it somehow?

We always deliver our papers within the time frames allocated by our customers. If you need to get your paper earlier, you will have to compensate for the price difference. To find out the amount of compensation that should be placed as an additional order, get in touch with our support and they will recalculate it.

Can the price for my order be negotiated?

Although all our prices are stable, you can always contact our support managers and check if there are any special offers our customers can receive. You should know that we have a great discount system at our writing service, which allows our customers to save by placing more orders with us.

The order form cannot be submitted. What is the problem?

Most probably, you are trying to upload big files to the system. Try to refresh the page and submit the order form without them. Once the order is placed, send your files to our support and they will kindly send them to the writer working on your order.

When will I get my order?

When placing an order, you are supposed to choose the deadline. Being responsible and result-oriented, we will stick to the deadline you indicate. Thus, you will be able to receive your paper the moment your deadline expires. Also, you will receive an email alert notifying you that your paper is ready.

Can I check if my assignment can be completed before placing the order?

Certainly, you can do that. You will need to send your instructions to our support team and they will forward them to our Writing Department. As soon as our managers get an affirmative reply, you will be notified about it.

I have already done a part of my work. Can you finish it for me, please?

Yes, sure. If you want us to complete your paper, you will just need to provide us with the detailed instructions and upload the part you have written and which should be extended. In case of having any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support in any convenient way.

Is there any way I can check if my paper is original?

When you order our “Plagiarism Check” VIP option, you will receive a link to plagiarism report on your paper in your account.

What about confidentiality?

When you are submitting the order form to our company, you will have to provide some personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number. Nevertheless, you should know that every time you use, all services are provided confidentially. Your personal information will never be disclosed to any third party and will be stored only for as long as necessary to provide our services to you. However, you should also do everything possible to protect yourself from the risks of fraud. Please, do not disclose your login information to our website to anyone. Moreover, don’t forget that our service representatives will never ask you to share your personal credit card information on the phone. Please read our Privacy Policy attentively as it is part of your consent to our services.

What about your prices?

Our prices might not be the lowest in the industry, but they are reasonable and still affordable. The main advantage you get when ordering from is that you receive individualized high-quality service. When you need an exclusive paper and personal attention, this will definitely make a difference. At, we do not resell essays, and the price you pay for our services is just enough to guarantee exceptional quality and professionalism in every essay.

What about the writer’s credentials and degree?

We have a team of professional writers, who hold academic degrees in a wide range of academic fields. Every writer works in a particular field of specialization that corresponds to the field of their expertise. In this way, we find it easier to choose the most suitable writer for your assignment. We also carefully review each writer’s skills, credentials, experience, and commitment to quality work, according to the following criteria:

  • Professional and academic experience;
  • The results of the application essay and the online writing test;
  • The scores and results earned in a particular field during the whole period of cooperating with;
  • Whether or not the writer is available to work on a specific order.

What if I want to speak to the writer who is doing my paper?

You can always communicate with the writer. Just use your personal account area to send messages to the writer or administrator. You will also receive email notifications every time you get a new message from the writer. Mind that you are responsible for checking your personal account intensively to avoid any misunderstanding with the writer and ensure timely communication of important things.

Are there any risks of plagiarism?

All papers are original and written from scratch. We have a state-of-the-art plagiarism system that can easily identify all instances of plagiarism in any work as it compares papers against billions of web pages, articles, books, and other resources. In distinction from the traditional anti-plagiarism systems, your paper is not stored in any public databases when checked using our software. Each paper we deliver is accompanied by a plagiarism-free guarantee, meaning that it is always checked for uniqueness and exclusivity before it is sent to you.

What format do you follow?

All papers follow the same format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides. Also, you can choose whether it should be double or single spaced (mind that our standard is 300 words per double-spaced page and 600 words per single-spaced page). If the format of your paper differs from the standards accepted by our company, please, do not forget to include these requirements in the description of your order.

When will you finish my paper?

When you order a paper from, you need to set the most suitable deadline for you. This way, you make your own choice on when your paper should be completed. Mind that the deadline you set includes the time of your payment verification. Thus, make sure to pay and verify your payments as soon as you place your order to ensure there is ample time for the writer to work on your order.

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