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Ethics in Eating Animals

Irrespective of the cultural, religious, or political differences, it is evident that everybody has a favorite animal. Whether it is a goat, a dog, a horse, or a pig, it is clear that the connection that is created between the human and the animal is brought about by emotions one can develop towards these creatures. […]

On Being an Atheist

The ongoing metaphysical debate on the existence of God has at least two thousand years of tradition and history of arguments from all sides. McCloskey’s 1968 article “On Being an Atheist” is a fine example of reasoning and views that appear to be usual among western atheists at that time. This paper responds to central […]

What Does It All Mean?

Even though each philosophical topic identifies an important area of existence, understanding of certain themes is a basis for person’s self-determination and harmonic interaction with the world. They include the perception of knowledge and the way people obtain it, free will, and life’s meaning. These issues significantly influence the choices a person makes in life […]

The Consequence Argument

Abstract This paper discusses the Consequence Argument highlighting the proponents of both compatibility and incompatibility. The article explains the case as developed by Van Inwagen and the response of David Lewis to the argument. The paper also explains the three attempts of compatibilists to unseat the Consequence Argument. It concludes that the compatibilists have a […]

Aristotle’s Highest Human Good

One of the greatest ancient philosophers, Aristotle, is considered the father of contemporary ethics. His book, Nicomachean Ethics, is a well-known ethical text, which explains the moral and intellectual virtues, their nature, principles, and ways of development. This book provides an ancient outlook and ideas, concerned with the human lives in the society. It dwells […]

Mill’s Theories

The essay deals with Mary Gath’s decision not to accept the money awarded to her by Mr. Featherstone. The paper will describe the actual process that Mary acted upon, the steps she followed to ensure she made the right decision and the reasons she did so. It also entails the pre-theoretical decision that the writer […]

Socrates’ View on Death

In “Apology”, Socrates dedicated a significant part of his last speech to the topic of death, since he was in danger of being sentenced to death. The analysis of Socrates’ last speech indicates that he believed that doing good and following one’s convictions and a life’s calling was more important than trying to escape death. […]

Philosophy Paper

For ages, many philosophers and thinkers were trying to determine whether there any differences in the nature of men and women, and if the answer is positive, what are they. This question was first raised by philosophers from ancient Greece, and it is still essential today. Before the 20th century, a lot of thinkers claimed […]

False Existence

Attempts to assert the existence of God, which are at least partly formed on logic and empirical observation, are called proofs of God’s existence. These rational arguments, in general, are opposed to religious irrationalism, which states that the knowledge of God is an intractable logical analysis of the sacrament. For a believer, a problem ceases […]

Philosophy comparative essay

Basic Values and Beliefs of the Society in Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching is a fundamental source of knowledge and one of the most important manifests of Chinese culture. It had a great influence on the culture of China and the world as a whole. The philosophy of the book permeates […]