“Democratic Deficit” in the European Union: Myth or Reality?

The problem of “democratic deficit” in the European Union has been under constant discussion by many scientists, politicians, and journalists. Notwithstanding its fairly long history, as an entity operating on the global political arena, the EU is believed to still lack fully democratic mechanisms. Accountability and transparency of the EU institutions are the main points […]

Poverty and Inequality

Globalization refers to the integration of people, corporations, and governments as they interact in international trade with the assistance of information technology. Despite the evident positive effects, better connectivity and faster movement of goods and information across the globe, globalization is marred by several challenges as the global economy becomes more integrated. One of the […]

Terrorism and Security

Terrorism has become one of the most urgent and frequently discussed issues in the global agenda over the last decade. Currently, terrorism is a factor which destabilizes gradual development of international relations. Moreover, the acts of violence are considered to be a grave threat to humanity. They influence the security of countries and their citizens, […]

President Obama Elections

When Barack Obama finally managed to become the 44th President of the United States of America, many people lauded the victory but still questioned as to how a young African-American man could exceed all the expectations and take America’s top chief executive officer position. Therefore, analyzing President Obama’s elections, questions such as how and what […]

The Politics of Collective Identity

Every community benefits some groups and social relationships and disapproves other groups by imposing sanctions on them. Marginalized groups are criticized for pursuing their identity rather than their objectives of equal rights. Collective identity can be considered a mixed blessing because apart from having advantages, for instance, establishing solidarity among the interiorized groups, it may […]

Role of Government

The government is responsible for ensuring the smooth management of the people and the resources owned by the state. The governing process is intended to follow the roles and achieve aims set forth by the official power. The government is divided into three arms which are the legislative, the judicial, and the executive. Each of […]

Does The State Have A Right To Control The Supply Of Money?

The objective necessity of the economic relations’ development between the state and business entities is money. The essence of money is the economic category. In economic literature, money is defined as a special commodity that is spontaneously released from the world of commodities. Money serves as a universal equivalent and is, figuratively speaking, a crystallization […]

The Critics of Democracy in the 21st Century with a Focus on the United States

Introduction The idea of democracy has existed since time immemorial from the days of the great Greek philosophers and has been closely associated with the notion of respect for human rights (Westbrook 2015). For the US, democracy has been a central component for a long time and has been strongly ingrained in almost every fundamental […]

America’s Fear: The Sino-Russian Relation

The subject of the China-US-Russia triangle, as well as its impact on the world order, is often the topic of international policy experts. In the year 1971, Kissinger and Nixon made the decision to capitalize on China’s uncertainty of the USSR with the US relations with China. The strategic move resulted in a triangle with […]

How Hitler managed and controlled his army. The end of the Nazi party

Abstract Hitler was a gifted orator and demagogue. Being a quirky apologist for terror and unlimited violence, he was leading a party through political storms and economic difficulties of the 1920s and early 1930s, prevented its failure, and gained the trust of millions of Germans. He was playing on the most sensitive strings of the […]


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