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Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act

The Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act was introduced to the 114th congress on the 20th of February 2015. The Law was sponsored by the Colorado representative to the House of Representatives as a way of legalizing Marijuana in the United States of America. The Act seeks to compel the attorney general to remove Marijuana from […]

Political Corruption Unmasked

Like cancer, corruption penetrates the political scene, then spreads to culture, and finally affects the economy of the society. Thus, corruption succeeds in destroying the normal functioning of the vital organs of the States. Nowadays, corruption is one of the greatest challenges that the modern world faces. It undermines the efficient work of governments and […]

Confucian Moral Theory and Practice

The Confucian moral theory has a long history is popular in East Asia, mostly Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and China. It is evident that Confucianism has influenced historical interpretation, cultural attitudes, moral teaching, educational philosophy, ritual exchange, social relationships, and political thought and institution. Despite the intensive westernization and modernization, Confucian values remain crucial for the […]

Russian Intervention in Ukraine

Indeed, there has always been disagreement regarding the way of Ukrainian development, the values that should be esteemed, and the views on closer contacts with different countries. Such contradictions are the consequences of the historical development which considered Ukraine as the country which was divided. West Ukraine has always been tied to Europe to a […]

American Political Process

The Influence of Corporate Special Interest Groups on American Political Process There are various reasons why corporate special interest groups have worked to enhance a strong influence on the American political process. This essay outlines the three major reasons why these interest groups have the upper hand in the political process in contemporary American society. […]

Bulgaria’s Membership in the EU

Political Power The goal of each European country is to become a member of the European Union. This will give it substantial opportunities in almost all spheres of life, especially in economics. Bulgaria is a multi-party country with a parliamentary system. The party can get into the Parliament in case it exceeds a 4% barrier. […]

Terrorism and Civil Liberties

Terrorism poses a serious danger to the development of the modern world. The right to security is one of the main rights while protection is one of the major responsibilities of the state. Thus, the latter has an obligation to guarantee the possibility to enjoy human rights to its citizens by taking positive action for […]

Iraq Relations with the Arab League Countries

It is a general idea that the League of Arab States was founded upon a British initiative at the time of the World War II in order to create a union of Arab countries that would be resistant to other alien countries. It was founded in March 1945 by the seven founding members: Iraq, Egypt, […]

Institutional Theory

The institutional theory describes the preference of peace and war as a function of preference of states’ leaders in terms of the states’ international relations. Proponents of this theory considered that warfare has negative or zero payoffs when warfighting is put in place of its goal (second premise). They argue that the cost of war […]

Cooperation or Hegemony

The contemporary global trade system has experienced significant changes over the last few decades. It has gradually developed into a rule-based bureaucratic regime. The commerce regulations are originating from international agreements that attempt to facilitate and sustain economic development. These trade rules are often categorized against the decrees of the developing national governments that mostly […]