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Events and plays are meant to raise people’s spirits. They break the monotony of classroom and workplace environment. To extreme extroverts like me, performances are a platform for meeting new people and learn their different lifestyles and cultures. One can also borrow a leaf from the same in dressing, foods or hobbies. However, the main aim of attending such events is to have a real life experience of what a live show or play feels like (Wilson). A combination of all these factors and more got me to buying a ticket at Stryper for the House of Blues.

For those not familiar with the house of blues, I will digress for a moment and bring you up to speed. A live show at the House of Blues is about live events and a chance to watch the interviews with real time famous artists which have never been shown before. I am talking about artists we only see on the television and wish we were there in person. Luckily, I got myself this chance by purchasing the ticket. This is a theater report of the House of Blues.

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The event was thrilling to attend based on the fact that I got to see my favorite artist up close. The general presentation of the theater was appealing to the eye, and everything was coordinated. For instance, the seat arrangement and the hospitality I experienced being ushered in was something from a movie scene. I cannot deny having this feeling of importance that I have not encountered in a while and sharing a theater room with dignitaries was so compelling. It was as if the entire show was custom-made to impress me. The stage was set in a well-known manner, and the color codes were warm and welcoming. Shining lights and big screens mounted at the stage as if to illuminate the stardom of the artist were something to notice and added a little touch of funk and class to the already exciting show.

The lead character was William Beckett, a re-known songwriter, artist, singer, and band member. He was on tour following his latest album and hit songs written. It was in this play I learned that not only was he an excellent singer, but also a sentimental songwriter. He has written songs for great artists, such as Demi Lovato and Gym Class Heroes. I have always been a personal fan of Beckett, and his performance did not prove otherwise. In fact, it only made me like him even more. His energy on the stage was impressive, and his moves were out of this world. I was amazed at how he was able to sing and dance at the same time, with so much coordination, and without missing a beat or a note. His hairstyle and dressing portrayed a profound sense of fashion that was both artistic and semi-casual (Wilson).

From the time he set his foot on the stage to the time he left, I did not notice a drop of energy. The protagonist utilized the stage well that was big in size and was in sync with the beats and music. The artist had this special connection to his fans and would even allow them to finish off on his lyrics while performing. I was taken aback slightly at how popular his songs were. I was curious whether people had written them down and crammed the lines before attending the show. It was a mixture of thrill and adrenaline, and here I thought I was his number one fan. Being an ordinary man that he is, he was not in the major dramatic chains and buggy outfits that screamed attention by all means (Dorn and Shanda).

His dance moves, as well as his dancers, were simple but coordinated; just enough to get you from your seat and stand the whole concert. Needless to say, the sound system set-up was loud though audible. It was loud enough to bother the subtle ones, yet distinct enough to sing along. The lighting was great, and the spotlight was focused on William Beckett. One did not have to be in the front row to get a good glimpse of him, but the front-row experience was mind-blowing.

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However, I think they downplayed on the costumes and make-up. Although Beckett comes off as a simple artist, he was too simple for the show. The costumes, hair, and make-up were a little too obvious for such a big star in such a big event. There was also one of his dancers who was not giving her best, and to make matters worse, she was the closest to the performer. It was like she was killing the energy radiated by Beckett by missing steps and being out of sync with the rest of the dancers. However, the lighting department downplayed her off-key performance by focusing on the rest of the team. Of course, she caught up later, but I felt like it was a very expensive mistake (Wilson).

In summary, the performance was great, and was I asked to pay again to experience such emotions, I would gladly do it. Being in Beckett’s concert is nothing like you have read in magazines or seen in music videos. They downplay the fun and energy experienced. For a moment, I almost reconsidered my career options and whoever said “whatever you do, do it with all your heart”, must have had William Beckett in mind. He is a living proof that talent and passion make the best combination.

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