It may be frustrating and hard to come up with the first sentence of what is supposed to be an indicator that a student really wants and deserves to gain admission to a chosen college. Well, beginning your personal statement with the words “really want” is probably not a good start. We analyzed statistical data, personal statements that failed and were approved, and compared the expectations of admission committees. This research allows us now to offer professional personal statement online help and useful tips. Here we talk about how to start a great statement of purpose, what to include, and what to avoid. Most importantly, we provide personal statement writing help to ensure that an expert writes your application essay and makes it distinctive.

Personal Statement Definition and Purpose

A personal statement is a written form of a short presentation that should describe your character, achievements, and ambitions to a committee. It is an important task because it has the potential to turn the scales in your favor or against you during the admission process. Some students compare the process of applying to study at a college or university as the first taste of asking for a loan. If you think about it, the steps are similar and the results depend on your skills and ability to say the right things and show a perfect picture of responsibility and dedication. To make this easier, we indicate the main aspects and points relevant for a personal statement and make such writing distinctive.

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How to Write a Good Personal Statement?

Use relevant information. Stay away from sentences and ideas that may decrease the credibility and emotional appeal of a personal statement. Did you know that more than 30% of all statements begin with “from an early age I….”? For some reason, students believe that emphasizing a long-term fascination with science, literature, music, medicine, or any other subject will increase their admission chances. Well, it is actually the other way around. So, tip #1 do not use your early (childhood) experiences to advance a personal statement. Start with something that occurred within the last 2 years. People on the committee are more interested in your current achievements and recent developments. Focus on that.

Simplicity is your ally. If you want to pursue medicine but arrange your ideas in phrases like “I declare caring for others a mighty theme of my life, unfolding the potential to achieve things great and wonderful that have yet to reveal my longing for the splendor of medicine…” you are on the wrong path. Students don’t speak like this but rather try to incorporate eloquent phrases that are supposed to show their level of creativity and knowledge among other things. Well, while such writing will most certainly make your statement stand out, it is unlikely to be a reason to accept you. So tip #2 is unless you want a degree in literature, use short sentences and make your ideas clear.

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These 2 suggestions should be enough to improve your personal statement immensely. Just think about your major and how it is related to your recent activities and achievements. You do not have to add personal drama to make a statement unique and interesting. What you need to do is make it informative and about yourself. Are you still struggling with ideas for your statement? Use personal statement online help. You can be like one of the celebrities who use ghostwriters to write their autobiographies. We have personal statement writers for hire who can use the details of your life and turn them into brilliant personal statement. It will be your story, and it will be the best story.

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