A research proposal is an integral part of any research project that clearly defines the topic of the project and the researcher`s key objectives. A research proposal clearly highlights the subject the research project will focus on and indicates the relevance of the research within the particular field. In other words, when writing your research proposal, you need to explain the novelty of your research.

Writing a research proposal is a great opportunity to prove that you are able to collect and interpret credible information and express your arguments in a succinct manner. Many professors like this task because it allows evaluating the level of the student`s preparation, as well as understand how well the student can work with the large amounts of information organizing it in accordance with the clear, concise, and coherent patterns.

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How to Write a Research Proposal?

The exact form and structure of your study proposal will depend on the prompt given by your professor, as well as the specific requirements of your educational institution. If you want to find out the basic elements of the research proposal structure, we recommend you find good samples and learn how such an academic paper should be written and formatted. Overall, the main purpose of the research proposal is to introduce the academic project and explain why this project is important. Below, you will find the main steps that will help you write a great research proposal.

  1. Come up with a good title. The title of your proposal is usually the topic of your research project. Also, the title depends on the type of research. For instance, it may be exploratory, investigative, analytical, etc. Either way, your title should be very concise and straightforward. After reading your title, your target audience should clearly understand the main focus of your project. If you are not sure about the title, we recommend you to write it only when the in-depth research is carried out.
  2. Create a title page. The main requirement of the title page is that it should include the basic information about the project and its author. Usually, a title page includes the full topic of the research proposal, the name of the student, the name of the instructor, and the title of the educational institution. The title page of your proposal should be formatted according to the style indicated by your instructor in a grading rubric.
  3. Write an abstract in which you will summarize your proposal. Although an abstract is rather short in length, it should include the main objectives, as well as the potential outcomes of your research. Also, the abstract should include the list of keywords that will come up in the research proposal. Keep in mind that these terms should be related to your topic and help your reader grasp the insight about the subject that will be discussed in your paper.

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  1. Create a table of contents. A table of contents is necessary for every lengthy paper because it helps the reader navigate through the text easier.
  2. Write an introduction. Your introduction is one of the major parts of your proposal that should include the statement of the problem, the significance of the research, as well as contain the background information that is necessary for the understanding of your project. Also, your introduction should include your research question that would outline the scope of your work.
  3. Present a thorough literature review. A literature review section in your research proposal aims to contextualize your research. In this part of your paper, you need to clearly indicate what other people noticed about your topic. If there are some researchers, who have made significant contributions to your topic, make sure to mention them. In your literature review, writing brief summaries of the works of other researchers is not enough. Instead, you need to synthesize their works finding the key similarities and differences in their approaches.
  4. Describe the research. In your proposal, you need to clearly explain what king of research you are going to carry out in your project. Do not forget to indicate the main methods you are going to take to achieve an excellent result.
  5. Describe the references. You probably realize that in your research proposal, you need to indicate what sources you will use in your research. Pay attention that all these sources should be relevant, credible, and peer-reviewed.
  6. Indicate the personnel. This part of your proposal should contain bibliographical information on the main contributors to your research.
  7. Include appendices. If you have some important information about your research project that does not fit any of the sections mentioned above, make sure to include it in your appendix.

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