Chinese Identity

People are naturally grouped into larger communities which define their cultural features. Ethnography studies the peculiarities that form the social and psychological patterns of behavior in relation to ones ethnicity. Its methods allow creating frameworks that might be applied in describing different nations. As a result, scholars are able to generalize the problems in interracial […]

Video Analysis

The stereotypes and misconceptions that exist in the society may mislead the contemporary students’ perception of their peers. Consequently, it is difficult for students from different cultural communities to adapt to the modern social environment. The first video under analysis reflects numerous existing stereotypes and judgments regarding the spoken language of students that undermine the […]

Symbolic Boundaries

Recently, the “boundary” concept played a significant role in the social sciences such as sociology, social psychology, history, and political science. “Boundaries” contribute to cultural integration, social issues, and human self-identity in the society. Although the concept of “boundary” was recently justified, Durkheim, Marx and Weber studied it earlier in the 19th century (Lamont 167). […]

B. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois on the Racial Equality

The history of human civilizations always assumed some differences between people that led to conflicts, specific relationships in the sphere of power, and so on. The concept of the ‘otherness’ grounded on the human ignorance and limitations of the communicative devices of the previous centuries caused different cases of exploitation of one group that belongs […]

The Relationship between Feminist Theory and Queer Theory

The economic and social development of the Western society made possible the rise of social intention to struggle for the equality and realization of the idea of diversity in all spheres of social life. The rise of the Feminists became an important event at the end of the 18th century. As a result, the following […]

Durkheim Dictionary

Anomie According to Durkheim, the term refers to the state or condition whereby there is a total breakdown regarding guidance and social norms for citizens within the society. In my own words, anomie is an unfortunate situation within the society that is characterized by broken-down social norms, values, and systems. In this case, it describes […]

Diversity on Campus

The student fraternity in a college is built up of different groups whose originality, culture, beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, political opinions, and social-economic status vary tremendously. Though despite these diversities, the students’ body and the entire campus have found better ways to create intersectionality amongst themselves. That has basically helped in the development […]

Gendered Behavior

Description I decided to observe gendered behavior, body language and mannerisms. The place of my observation was a street bench on the campus territory. There were 3 people, all students. Initially, there was a young man with a laptop sitting on the bench and studying. Then, two girls saw an empty place to sit and […]

Book Review on Society Issues

The New American Dreamers by Ruth Sidel talks about women and the changing world. The modern society has brought about the rights and freedoms that were not felt by women, especially those of different cultural backgrounds. The New American Dreamers represents women, who can now have a life much different from the women of the […]

Sociological Theories in Work-Life Experience

The contemporary society and its transformation contributed to the development of many sociological concepts, which explain the interconnected nature of human relations both in real life and business. George Ritzer observed behavioral patterns of people on the basis of the influence of the external environment and the development of humanity in general. Fast food restaurants […]


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