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Durkheim Dictionary

Anomie According to Durkheim, the term refers to the state or condition whereby there is a total breakdown regarding guidance and social norms for citizens within the society. In my own words, anomie is an unfortunate situation within the society that is characterized by broken-down social norms, values, and systems. In this case, it describes […]

Diversity on Campus

The student fraternity in a college is built up of different groups whose originality, culture, beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, political opinions, and social-economic status vary tremendously. Though despite these diversities, the students’ body and the entire campus have found better ways to create intersectionality amongst themselves. That has basically helped in the development […]

Gendered Behavior

Description I decided to observe gendered behavior, body language and mannerisms. The place of my observation was a street bench on the campus territory. There were 3 people, all students. Initially, there was a young man with a laptop sitting on the bench and studying. Then, two girls saw an empty place to sit and […]

Book Review on Society Issues

The New American Dreamers by Ruth Sidel talks about women and the changing world. The modern society has brought about the rights and freedoms that were not felt by women, especially those of different cultural backgrounds. The New American Dreamers represents women, who can now have a life much different from the women of the […]

Sociological Theories in Work-Life Experience

The contemporary society and its transformation contributed to the development of many sociological concepts, which explain the interconnected nature of human relations both in real life and business. George Ritzer observed behavioral patterns of people on the basis of the influence of the external environment and the development of humanity in general. Fast food restaurants […]

Divorce Mediation

Marriages and divorces differ because of their specificity and complexity. If one spouse contemplates divorce, he/she can choose the most suitable option and decide how to proceed. Some individuals prefer mediation as they find it the most appropriate option for their case. However, this approach has some negative and positive aspects. In divorce mediation, one […]

Issues of Upbringing Adopted Children

Issues of upbringing and child development are of great concern in adopting families. Human development is a multidimensional process that occurs in two mutually influencing directions. A person restructures his living environment while being affected by its components at the same time. Irrespective of their type, families refer to the category of primary or immediate […]

The French May Protest

Kristin Ross, a witness in the May 68 event was instrumental in providing most of the information included in this paper. The term “subculture” gained a major significance from the 1940s. Unlike the larger society or culture, it is used to mean a minority of groups that are united around a common belief. These groups […]

Race Issues and Inequalities

Most define America as a meritocratic society, in which all have an equal opportunity to pursue happiness and achieve success through talent and hard work. Regardless of one’s race, this opportunity should be available if one possesses sufficient skills, perseverance, and determination in order to attain the highest level of society. However, the actual situation […]

Development of Sociological Theories

XIX-XX century is a period of the prosperity and development of sociology. It was the time of the sociological world-famous theories and the opening of the brightest sociologists whose researchers we use even nowadays. Emily Durkheim, Max Weber, Fredrick Engels, Adam Smith, and Karl Marx are the power of sociology. They created classical sociology and […]