The Italian by Ann Radcliffe

The Italian by Ann Radcliffe remains one of the most iconic novels in the history of literature. This book presents a romantic story between a noble Italian man named Vincentio Vivaldi and the lady Ellena di Rosalba. The story features the challenges that this love encounters in an attempt to end in a marriage union. […]

Victor Frankenstein

In 1818, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley published (anonymously) the first edition of a novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Since then generations of readers admire her work of art while generations of students and scientists continue to study the novel, identifying its themes and examining how they are conveyed within the narrative format means that every […]

Literature Reviews

Harvey et al. (2015)  The study conducted by Harvey, Liu, and Zhu in 2015 was one of the first investigations that tried to explore the cross-section of expected returns by using new multiple testing frameworks. For their analysis, Harvey et al. used only those studies, which proposed and tested new factors. As the authors focused […]

King & Murray: Concept of Human Security – Critical Commentary

The evolution of humanity has been marked by the continuous struggle for better life. The definitions for this idea might have been various at different times and in different places, but in the grander scheme of things the goal was the same. The concept of human security, therefore, is the natural step forward in the […]

Research Review

Breast cancer currently is the leading cause of deaths among female population. In the U.S., there are many approaches to its treatment which are based on surgery and radiation therapy. In prevention of the disease incidences and its progress, much interest has shifted to screening and possible identification of risk factors that cause the condition. […]

Buffalo Dance

Frank X Walker is a famous African American poet from Kentucky who was the first person who coined the word “Affrilachia” that emphasizes a great importance of African-Americans in Appalachia. One of his most known books of poetry is Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York. This is a collection of persona poems that are focused […]

Life and Death on Mt. Everest

Everest Mountain, described by many as the top of the world and an ultimate destination of adventure-lover, has long been attracting both amateurs and professionals. Numerous books were written about conquering the cruising altitude of the highest peak in the world, as well as about experiences of people from all over the world while trying […]

Comparison of “Avatar” and “The Battle of Algiers”

“Avatar” and “Battle of Algiers” are two films that have a lot of similarities regarding the plot and the roles of the characters. Moreover, the central themes of the two films have some aspect of similarity especially in the way the inferior members of the society are treated as well as the rise of a […]

Compare and Contrast

Abstract This paper presents a descriptive analysis of four characters of the novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” written by Mark Twain. Besides, the paper compares and contrasts such duos as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, and Pap Finn and Jim the slave. In fact, these very characters were chosen for the analysis and arranged […]

Art and Revolution Class

In the novel Unplugging Philco by Jim Knifel, the main character, Philco is going through a hard time being under surveillance of Whit Chambers, his neighbor. The setting of the story is a period when the citizens of the country are under the harassment of the state in the name of curbing the Horribleness of […]


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