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The process of problem-solving involves six major steps that must be followed to ensure the solution to the problem is met. The process includes problem definition, problem analysis, solutions to the problem presented, evaluation of the options involved in the problem solution, provision of the decision involved, and, finally, implementation of the options offered. The paper discusses the steps involved in the solution of the problem presented in the scenario 3 and how the six steps can be applied in providing the best solutions.

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1. Problem Definition

In the family life, there is a lot of commitment especially when someone faces a lot of responsibilities in various aspects of life. Scenario 3 presents the problem of commitment to different issues in the family, education, and work. The problem brings health-related complications to the individual involved. From the description, the person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, and this happens as a result of too much work without leisure. The person works from Monday to Friday during the week, the work that begins in the morning and ends late in the evening. The individual here also works during weekends, a situation that takes too much time during holidays. Health-related issues also cause a lot of trouble. There is a need to seek medical attention and at the same time attend to other commitments that are beneficial to social development. The above scenario 3 presents an individual with social, medical, family, and work problems. The individual has no time to spend in other social work activities; it is business throughout the week, working and attending to different events each and every day.

2. Analysis of the Problem

The scenario reveals the problem of too much commitment by an individual. Working from Monday to Friday from early in the morning to late in the evening and on Saturdays poses a lot of problems to the person involved. The brain needs a break at some point to relax and to reflect whatever has been accomplished (Jensen, 2005). Weekends are essential times when individuals need to get away from work and engage in some leisure activities. Too much commitment interferes with the work performance. The engagement in coaching activities is another factor that increases the level of commitment, coaching two kids at the same time is a complex scenario that requires a lot of research and familiarization with what is needed from the individual (Gelderblom & Kotzé, 2009). This fact, therefore, poses an individual to a lot of activities aside from the normal work.

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In the typical life situation, an individual needs to socialize with friends and relatives and to share different ideas. The above case increases the degree of commitment especially when one is away from the work environment. In the above scenario, visiting friends is a priority, and this increases time spent. Educational activity is also evident in the scenario as a factor that consumes some time in the individual’s diary. Exams require preparation and a lot of reading. In this case, visiting the library to carry out some research is mandatory. The individual presented in the scenario has an online exam that forms part of the diary; this means that more time is needed to read and prepare fully for the exams.

The health-related problems are also evident in the above scenario. The individual has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high amount of cholesterols in the blood, and the problem of overweight. These are some of the factors that can interfere with the success of a person especially when there is a lot of commitment as presented in this case.

3. Solution to the Problem

The problem of too much commitment can be reduced by acquiring some assistance from other individuals. There are people with diverse knowledge in different fields; they can become beneficial in case of too many responsibilities. The individual in the scenario 3 can decide to employ the trainers for both the kids to reduce the time spent in coaching. When managing too much commitment in life, the prioritization is an important factor that people should consider (Herold, Fedor, & Caldwell, 2007). Taking one class at the same will help in reducing the pressure that comes with academic work. It will enable an individual to have some time to relax and enjoy the leisure time. Taking some time out for an exercise is beneficial to the body. The problems of overweight, high blood pressure, and a large amount of cholesterol in the blood are a result of physical inactivity (Bogers et al., 2007). Spending time in the gym especially during weekends and in the evening will help break the monotony of both the academic and corporate work leading to a healthy physical and mental life.

Proper planning and making the diary realistic will help in reducing the pressure that comes with too many commitments. The diary should be designed in a flexible manner to allow time for other social activities. Time management is an important factor when an individual wants to manage the level of commitments. Reducing the time at work will allow room for participation in other activities that are not related to the work itself.

4. Evaluation Options

Reducing the number of commitments in an individual life involves weighing out options and considering the essential factors. The most important activities should come first; of course, the corporate work becomes a priority when evaluating the diary. It is an important element because it is an event that aims at generating income. Medical-related problems need medical attention from the experts. Although advice from the health specialists is necessary, other preventive measures should be considered. Involving in the exercises is needed; it should be considered first for it will prevent the complications that come with high blood pressure, obesity, and high blood cholesterol levels (American Diabetes Association, 2003).

Considering priorities will ensure that the important personal activities are accomplished first (Ulrich, 2009). This will encourage the individual to continue pursuing other personal dreams that cannot be achieved amidst many commitments that surround an individual. The crucial factor here includes corporate work and family life. Giving attention to the household members will create happiness and reduce the pressure that might be experienced at the workplace. Instead of spending too much money seeking medical care, the individual can decide to make time for exercise because in doing so, there will be benefits for the mind.

5. Decision on the best solution

The best option for solving the problem of too many commitments is by considering the priorities in life. The important factors should be regarded as first. In the scenario 3, the corporate work should be a priority: it generates income, and, therefore, much attention should be directed to it. Seeking for assistance from other experts will help in reducing the responsibilities directed to other activities. When the children’s activities become important, it is necessary to hire the trainer to help in coaching the kids; this will reduce the time spent in researching for the training manuals and familiarization with them (Pate et al., 2006). Seeking support will enhance the flow of success as desired by the individual: there will be a smooth accomplishment of the desired goals without experiencing too much pressure.

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6. Implementation of the Options

Considering priorities can be implemented by keeping off from activities that are not paramount to the personal life. Reducing the time spent in other non-essential activities is a way of applying the above option. Seeking for assistance from other professionals will aid in reducing the commitments in activities that are not a priority. Different activities like coaching kids require specialized skills an individual might not possess. This, therefore, will help to reduce too much time spent in researching for the training materials (Pate et al., 2006). Exercising and keeping fit is a priority in keeping away health-related complications. Through visiting the gyms, the problems of obesity, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure will be solved.

In conclusion, problem-solving involves six major steps that must be followed to ensure the success of the problem solution. Considering priorities can be implemented by keeping off from activities that are not imperative to the personal life. The best option for solving the problem of too many commitments is by considering the priorities in life. Acquiring some assistance from other individuals can reduce the problem of too much involvement.