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The first presidential debate took place between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The discussion took place under the auspices of the commission that developed the format of the debate and rules of conduct. The debate lasted 90 minutes and caused a huge wave of emotions as it reflected the main critical issues that will affect the lives of every citizen of the United States in the following years. The purpose of this debate was to consider several thematic areas and specific issues that affect prosperity and strengthen the position of America. Each candidate was asked questions at the beginning of each part of the debates and was supposed to respond within two minutes. It should be emphasized that the answers of candidates have demonstrated their policies and future changes that will affect the life of the society. These changes will have a legal basis and will change the country’s laws in one way or another. The open discussion enabled all citizens of the country to understand the new ways of development and legal grounds offered by each candidate. Hillary Clinton became the nominee of the democratic bloc for the President of the United States while Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. The increase of income was one of the main issues discussed by the two presidential candidates. The essay will consider the first debates of 2016 for the US presidency, which represent a way to change laws to ensure the population’s welfare.

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Both candidates offered their own vision on the issue of life improvement. First, Hillary Clinton announced that the achievement of the welfare of every citizen can become possible through raising the national minimum amount in the sphere of remuneration. It should be noted that the federal minimum wage has not changed since 2009. According to Ms. Clinton, Congress should make changes for the country to start investing in the life of every individual citizen. Legislative decisions on remuneration made by the Congress may allow the creation of small businesses and new jobs. The economy must always look ahead. That is why the President should be a good tactician and strategist. It is important that each decision is upheld by the law to allow citizens to achieve their rights on the one hand and perform their duties on the other one. Hillary Clinton announced that the economy should be oriented on all residents of the country and not just those who have significant income and form a small part of the population. The audience has understood that the candidate proposes to invest in jobs and infrastructure and the increased use of advanced technologies as well as innovations that will enable a significant economic leap. The steps will require the improvement of the system of patents and copyright protection. The country should develop a clear system to combat online theft and illegal use of copyrighted material. Moreover, nowadays the whole world requires international agreements that will lead to measurable results in the field. The protection of property rights is an integral part of life in the US. The legislative solutions to many issues related to this area will soon lead to the improvements in the economy and the growth of the power in the international arena. Any political solution should take into account various factors such as existing resources, vision of the citizens and the international situation. Thus, infrastructural development should be clearly agreed with the law to avoid disputes and inter-industrial debates.

The adoption of laws aimed at facilitating the working relationships between different companies and even industries will quickly improve infrastructure and raise wages. Each country is a complex mechanism but most issues are agreed on and solved quite easily if the legal framework provides clear and transparent answers to the questions concerning the interests of the parties. One of the key issues is the use of modern technologies and innovations to enhance the income of the country and every citizen. Both candidates emphasized that other countries introduce and effectively use new achievements of science and technology for the development of their economy. On the other hand, the use of innovative technologies is always accompanied with a sharp debate, lawsuits, and misunderstanding because it is the difficult moments that change people’s consciousness, life, and outlook. Innovation at the early stages of use always causes outrage among the population that follows a conservative approach in life. Thus, every step of the new proceedings of technology or innovative approach in any area should be accompanied with a discussion over the legislation and the adoption of appropriate laws as well as the use of already existing ones for the benefit of the society.

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Innovation is always related to the protection of the environment and health. The existing laws do not always give answers to difficult questions as these areas are related to the life of each individual, and people have a different attitude and vision of each moment. The innovative technology and discussions related to the area could become the impetus for a new approach to understanding the society. Thus, it is necessary to develop a structured approach to address the complex issues and provide a new decision-making system in the legislative sphere. If citizens of the country want to have increased income, they have to be ready to changes and unexpected solutions as technology develops very quickly and requires a modern approach to making decisions concerning its use. The life and the preservation of health are the key issues in any field. Economy, politics, and culture should concentrate their efforts on these issues first.

It is important to note that both politicians are willing to compromise and seek solutions to these issues that will satisfy all segments of the population. Moreover, the legislation will increasingly face moral and ethical dilemmas and use a philosophical approach to address controversial issues. On the other hand, countries that compete with the United States tend to think about their behavior in these matters in advance in order to be competitive on the international arena. The US can use the experience of other countries and deepen the relationships in the scientific and cultural area with the rest of the world. However, it is necessary to remember that a country being the first to develop a new approach, particularly the legislative one, becomes the leader and receives many benefits when it comes to economy. Both candidates in their statements have expressed respect for the views of each individual; thus, it can provide the basis for a conflict-solving scheme of the urgent issues.

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Furthermore, Hillary Clinton in her speech has discussed an extremely serious topic such as the equal salary for women. The issues of discrimination and democracy are incompatible. The country that pays women less ensures discrimination at all levels and cannot achieve a new level of life within the society. If Hillary Clinton wins the elections in the US, the society of the country should expect legislative changes in terms of the remuneration of female labor and women’s rights. This situation makes it impossible to reach an appropriate level of economic growth. Moreover, a large number of women, in addition to the formal work, carry many responsibilities at home and help members of their family. Legislation is closely linked to the philosophy and psychology. It is necessary to emphasize that politicians should understand the relationship between the general level of satisfaction of each individual citizen, atmosphere in the family, at school or in the community and economic development. Before spending huge sums of money on the programs to improve health, it is necessary to eliminate discrimination with the help of the governmental and legislative organizations. It should be noted that the issue of discrimination has affected the brain drain from the country. Donald Trump said that there is a constant flow of people with good knowledge from other countries. This candidate indicated that the government has to pay more attention to the issues of the US economic aid to other countries. He believes that it is necessary to pay attention to a significant increase in the construction of plants and factories in underdeveloped countries as it increases the outflow of labor from the country.

In conclusion, both candidates want prosperity and profit growth for each individual citizen but their vision is different. Hillary Clinton emphasizes the multilateral development of the society and economy and the implementation of new technologies as well as ensuring equal remuneration. On the other hand, Donald Trump places emphasis on creating jobs and building new plants. His team is focused on the work that will reduce the outflow of qualified personnel. It should be noted that both candidates agree that the increase in the number of jobs is one of the main ways to increase income.

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