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The Importance of Global Understanding

The author claims that nowadays we can understand ourselves to the extent we understand others. Partly, I agree with this statement as in terms of the globalized world the things have become extremely connected and dependable on each other. And one can only be viewed as a fool when he asserts that a person or a state can exist separately from others. The trade relations among the countries are becoming more and tighter and the disastrous effects of the world’s financial crises, which have been more or less experienced by all states in the world prove the statement. The default is one of the countries eventually leads to the economic problems of another.

Furthermore, the states, as well as people willingly, enter the obligations, which would make them more connected. Such political creation as European Union serves as the best example for it. The counties inside of it impact each other culturally, economically and financially. At the same time, they are influenced by the events occurring outside of the European Union. The war between Ukraine and Russia seems to be far away from them. However, it did effects the profits of fruit retailers in Spain, as its authorities have had to follow the official policy of trade sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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Looking at the variety of cities, one can quickly notice that some of them are more or less developed. Additionally, there are ones, which seem to have dominated forever like London, Paris, Rome or Tokyo. At the same time, nowadays we can experience the growth of new cities, especially in the Asian region, which might shift the leading positions of old dominators. The ‘rise of the rest’ indeed occurs in today’s society. Considering globalization’s impact upon the creation of the net or system of cities, I might infer that it is possible as all cities mentioned above are somehow related to each other and frequently they depend on each other in terms of economic, political or social life. Additionally, each of the cities is associated with success in a particular sphere; for example, Paris is a fashion center, while New York is famous because of Wall Street.

At the same time, the statement of the author mentioned above misevaluates the role of the person and his/her efforts in pursuing the goals. The total realization of the fact that one’s fate depends on others might lead to the inactivity and apathy. I consider that a modern individual should be aware of the current trend for interdependence and interconnection while trying. Forearmed is forewarned. However, we must not disregard our own ability and power to influence the way we live and alter it if needed.

The Impact of Gender on the Research

Chapter II among other focuses on the role and impact of gender on the research. It is asserted that frequently the same issues are interpreted through the perspective of certain gender role, and therefore, the final conclusions are somehow distorted. Additionally, the author forewarns against the single-gender approach when the research focuses on the behavior or other features of the representative of a certain gender only. Finally, it is stressed that women researching certain issues are not always perceived as scientists. It specifically applies to the countries where the role of a woman is secondary in comparison with the man.

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In my opinion, gender indeed affects the process and outcomes of the research. It could be traced while reviewing the number of books and scientific projects run by women or devoted to female issues. In fact, little attention has been paid the lives of women as they have not been the one who ruled. Women were basically responsible for keeping household, bringing up children and feeding the family. Fortunately, the tendencies are changing due to the increased importance of women in the modern world and it might be well reflected in the research.

At the same time, there are areas where females are less examined or researched. It mainly applies to the automobile industries where the crushability of the cars is determined out of the results of the test carried out in regard to men only. The features, particularities and the crushability of females are not considered at all, despite the fact that more and more women daily drive a car performing its job duties or picking up children from the schools. Gender discrimination still exists in research and should be eliminated. The overgeneralizing problem that has been discussed by the author of the chapter indeed has placed in the world of research.

Perhaps, one might state that the diversity of opinion generated by men and women makes the science diverse and lets one examine the same issue from different perspectives and find out that the truth is actually somewhere in the middle. However, gender-influenced perceptions, as well as culture, race and other person-related canons are to be left behind when the scientist carried out the research. Otherwise, the results obtained could not be generalized due to their subjectivity. There are a lot of opinions and in order to become a part of science, they are to be validated. Thus, a true scientist should abandon his gender-related canons in order to ensure that the results obtained after the research are completed would be trustworthy and free of gender bias.