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Family Health Assessment

Friedman Family Assessment Model (Short Form)

The family evaluation model is crucial as it helps nurses assess family health. Friedman’s model assists such nurses in coming up with adequate intervention methods that would help them establish the appropriate application of various family nursing programs. The Friedman Family Assessment Model permits the nurse, who represents the family, to carry out the assessment of the system of the family as a whole. Moreover, such an assessment also acts as an interaction system, which would be integral in nurses’ continuous evaluation of the health of the family. It is imperative to note that the family model is vital as far as the identification of environmental data, developmental stage, family functions, structure, assessment of family stress, and ways it can cope with such stress. The main reason for the formation of nursing diagnoses is to identify concerns, as well as provide an all-inclusive health care system for different families.

Community nurses are professionals entrusted with implementing health assessment. First, such nurses are expected to carry out the first assessment concerning the issue by identifying possible, contemporary health matters. Soon after the identification process of health-related challenges, the nursing strategy can go ahead paving the way for health care intervention policies to be implemented.

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In short, the nursing assessment is identified as the foundation of a quality family intervention. The assessment is done in a thorough manner where questionnaires are offered to any intended and willing member of the family. The open-ended questions permit the interviewees to explain and expand on their answers.

The contemporary health care is centered on people’s health promotion. In addition, it provides a framework that acts as a conduit through which disease prevention and promotion of health are achieved. Patterns of health deemed efficient are significant, especially during the data collection process and in spotting various lifestyle patterns. The above-mentioned patterns are crucial, especially during the process of devising nursing diagnosis, as well as intervention for the contemporary or probable complications that will enhance the well-being and health of families.

This paper determines how the assessment of family health can be used to promote the health of individual families. In this case, a nuclear family will be selected for carrying out the assessment based on the interview. As a result, it analyzes various factors directly correlated to health. The paper also includes crucial information that can be gathered and analyzed during the process of health assessment. Moreover, the data collected are related to various family dynamics such as the developmental stage of each member and family history apropos of various life stressors. In short, Friedman Family Assessment Model will assist in identifying and assessing developmental stages of the family members, their history, data relating to their environment, family stressors, various coping mechanisms, as well as family composition.

Proper identification of the aforementioned data or information will be significant during the process of nursing diagnosis and the creation of appropriate intervention strategies. Moreover, health practitioners will be able to devise intervention programs within the community that will help such families cope with various health challenges.

Identifying Data or Family Demographics

The family assessed will be a nuclear middle-class family deemed as a prototype, which will consist of father, mother, daughter, and son. The father will be identified as W, the mother as X, the son as Y while the daughter as Z. On the other hand, the whole family will be called F. Currently, W is a 59-year old unemployed. Initially, he was an economist; however, in November 2009, he was dismissed. On the other hand, the age of X is 57 years. She has secured two jobs to support the rest of the family members. First, X works in a salon where she serves customers. Second, X is an employee in an office on a college campus nearby. Y is currently 26 years and graduated from Albany College five years ago. Y has a degree in mass media and communication. However, he has not been able to secure any stable employment. Nonetheless, Y is on a part-time contract acting as a coordinator in charge of marketing in Manhattan. Z is still in college pursuing a degree in pathology. She is 21 years old. Z’s dream is to become a renowned speech pathologist. Despite her being a student, she works on a part-time basis in a local restaurant.

The nationality of the F family is Italian. All members are affiliated with the Roman Catholic religion. Three of the four members attend Catholic Church on a regular basis except for Y. Additionally, they attend other services held by their church. Despite Y not attending church at all, he reiterates that he does believe in God. The members of the family are always together during most of their free time except Y who is usually away. They spend the time watching television, playing indoor games such as board, or eating a meal cooked at home at least thrice a week.

Stage of Development and the History of the Family

The parents are in the middle adulthood stage referred to as “generative versus stagnation”. Furthermore, F is between stages 6 and 7 in terms of development as it comprises young adult children. The stage is very critical as it determines the rate of success of the children in the future depending on the parent’s input. The development and financial independence of the children rely upon the guidance of the parents. Both Y and Z are not financially stable as they work on part-time jobs. Moreover, Z is still in college. It is worth noting that two parents have sufficient time to engage in other activities, as well as relationships, apart from those they carry out with their families. Y and Z are more responsible for their lives, therefore, they cannot face serious challenges relating to the marital relationship. Such challenges are rear occurring as W and X live harmoniously.

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As mentioned earlier, the family’s place origin is Italy. Both mother and father of W were of Italian origin but resided in the UK. Therefore, W was born and raised in the UK until he completed his high school education. He, later, he moved to the US in order to advance in his college education at the age of 17. On the other hand, X is half Cuban and Ecuador. Her father and mother were born and raised in Ecuador. They moved to the US as immigrants while X was still a teenager. X takes much pride in her heritage as she portrays numerous personal traits characteristic of South Americans. She is very welcoming, nurturing, and affectionate. X is not only nurturing her two children but also the visitors they host. The personality trait is very common in many countries in South America.

Environmental Data

The area of residence of the family is in New York City’s suburbs. F moved to their new home five years ago, in the year 2010. Their home is a renovated house that has seven rooms and two baths. The exterior of the house is excellent in terms of its condition as it is fully furnished. X and W reside on the first floor in a single master bedroom. Z lives on the second while Y has a room on the third floor. The house has a basement, which has a dryer, a freezer, and a washer. The house is spacious enough assuring each family member’s privacy and personal boundaries. It is worth noting that the house is legally theirs as they bought it the same day they moved in. F have no intention, whatsoever, of selling the property. Their residential place is secure from crimes such as burglary and murder as comprises all races, thus being an urban area. The residents have no problem with accessing anything they need. As a result, the population runs out to be healthy since people do not have to walk for long distances in search of their preferred goods.

Family Structure

As mentioned above, F is a nuclear family, perceived to be a prototype, as it has both father and mother. In addition, there are two children, a boy, and a girl. The members are closely related to one another by blood tie. There is effective communication in the family considered functional and assertive. The members of the family express freedom and open-mindedness. They hold discussions over a new subject that arises. Furthermore, they carry out deeper exploration whenever they have a disagreement. W and X are usually attentive to the needs of their children especially to Z who is still in college. As earlier noted, the family is welcoming. For instance, there was the presentation of positive emotions when the members of the family were interviewed. They expressed their feelings and views by touching one another and through eye contact. Moreover, X could not willingly engage in any discussion before receiving approval by her husband through facial expression when a question was directed to her. Therefore, W seemed to be the maker of decisions in the house. Despite this, X is in charge of controlling the family budget, making decisions on money expenditure, and paying all bills.

Another important aspect of family values is that all members claimed that their faith and religion comes first. They have devoted Christians since they consider their faith in Christ the secret of their success. It is the family’s culture to hold prayer whenever they have gathered. X was quick to point out that she was emotionally drained as she was subject to a situation that seemed a threat to her spiritual life. However, she quickly overcame the challenge due to constant praying.

Family Functions

F have a strong infinite friendliness sense towards every member of the family. It was clear and precise that they support and accept one another hugely in case a member is in trouble. W is quick to point out that he mastered the art of loving one another from their parents, who encouraged their children to be kind to one another while they were still young in order to create self-identity. W has never been judged for acting like someone whom his father did not like. He passed on such values to his children as they grew up. As a result, there was the creation of a strong cohesive bond between the four of the nuclear family members. The bond was so strong that it seemed almost invisible.

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Coping With Stress

People usually meet several stress-causing agents and families living in the US are not exceptions. However, they have developed special ways of dealing with such stresses. Nevertheless, the members of the family F deeply believe in the prayer its power whenever they face a difficult situation. Eventually, they can overcome such situations through praying. In the recent past, Y had nearly five tough years since his graduation without securing any form of employment. As a result, he had indulged in uncouth behaviors such as becoming a drug addict due to his state of unemployment. W ad X became worried and held constant prayers for God to intervene and solve their son’s woes. They kept supporting him while in unison encouraging him to be courageous despite all the hardship he was facing. Their son’s condition had come to such a climax that it devastated the parents to a point of almost giving up.

The relationship between parents and their son had taken another angle as the former were not supportive and the son’s behavior irritated them. However, X and Z exhibited a unique and strong character, which was their capability to overcome their initial agony of seeing one of their members spoiling his future taking drugs. They depicted the resilience, which refers to the capability of someone people to recover from stress, crisis, and pressure, and regain their optimistic and hope in life again. Such people can solve problems, develop a caring system of support, and depict excellent qualities of being a resourceful person again. The use of the Friedman Family Assessment Model to find remedies to such a challenge is requisite for the sake of the prosperity of the family. Eventually, such a level of resilience and faith helped Y recover and focus on life again. Eventually, Y secured a job in Manhattan, although, on a contract basis. However, the rest of the family is optimistic that their son’s life is on the right track. Therefore, there is a need for family members to develop ways that will help them cope with big challenges.


The family members pondered on strengths, as well as weaknesses, of their family F. During a brainstorming process, W pointed out that the secret of the success of their family is their resilience and ability to support one another in overcoming obstacles. They encourage any members of their family who faces big challenges at any point in their life. Nevertheless, X admitted that her faith frequently became frail to a point of almost giving up when there was the persistence of serious obstacles or challenges. However, with the support and encouragement of the rest of the members, she regained hope and optimism of fighting again. Such a level of support has become the family’s main pillar and driving engine towards its great prosperity.

Soon after the interview was held, it was clear and direct that the family F was very effective in terms of coping with the hard situations that different members of the family faced. The members seemed aware of their strength. As such, they were proud that God united them, thus, acting as one another’s comforter during difficult times. Therefore, they were resilient in terms of dealing with various challenges regardless of their magnitude. The conclusion is simply derived from the fact that they never gave up on their son despite his ever-exacerbating behavior and drug abuse. After constant prayer and encouragement, Y did away with his inappropriate behavior before securing a job thereafter.

Plan for Nursing Care with Regards to Condition of the F Family

Given the situation of the F family, it is very important to recommend that the family should be given an effective diagnosis. Their successful managing of numerous situations is evidence that the family members are emotionally strong. However, the family needs to learn the act of unity no matter what circumstance the members face. For instance, W admitted having almost given up due to the ever-deteriorating condition of their son. If Y had not received proper attention from his relatives, he could not have changed his behavior. Probably, he could have died of drugs and transfer drug-related diseases. His recovery should act as the basis upon which W should not lose hope and forget his role of uniting the family. Moreover, it is worth considering the religious factor while administering any form of health care as the family is highly religious. Another matter that must be dealt with is an inception of a nursing program that highlights the importance of avoiding drugs since they have long-term harmful effects.